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Congratulations to our Star of the Week




JESSE for great Numicon work and making amounts in different ways.

HALLE for trying hard to retell a story. 

We have PE on Wednesday

Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

The Badger Class have settled very well into school life, getting used to our class routines and making lots of friends.  They have really enjoyed getting to know both indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Week 2

This week in Badger Class we have learnt all about the school values with the help of our friendly dragons.  

On Monday, we found out about Resilient Ruby and how she likes to see us trying really hard, never giving up and how it is OK to make mistakes.  On Tuesday, we learnt about Challenge Charlie and how important it is to challenge ourselves, try our best and have really high expectations for our learning and behaviour.  On Wednesday, we met Independent Isaac.  We did really well getting ourselves ready for P.E and having a short P.E session in the hall.  On Thursday, we learnt about Creative Cristof and some of us tried really hard at drawing pictures of ourselves as well as having lots of other opportunities to express ourselves creatively.  On Friday, we found out about Teamwork Trio who wants us to try really hard to work as a team in the Badger Class; keeping the class tidy, working together and helping each other.  

Week 3

We have had a really busy but good week in the Badger Class!  The children are really engaging with school values and we have been working hard at being resilient, independent, creative, working as a team and challenging themselves.  See if they can remember what all our dragons are called!

They have been drawing portraits of themselves and are working hard at recognising and writing their names.

The Badgers really enjoyed their P.E lesson this week and did extremely well at getting changed independently!  

If you could make sure that all P.E kits are in every Wednesday that would be fantastic!  Thank you for all your support.

Well done to our Star of the Week LILLY W

Week 4

It has been another fantastic week in the Badger Class!  

This week we have been talking about ourselves and our families and what makes us special.  We have enjoyed really challenging ourselves with our name recognition and writing skills, this time tracing over our name on the “magic” paper.  We have also being doing lots of number games, practicing our careful counting and number recognition.  We have been working on skills that we need to make us successful in our phonics such as rhyme and hearing the initial sounds in words and playing games to consolidate this.  We have also had our first music lesson!

Billy the Badger has started going home with a different child each evening and it has been so lovely hearing about his adventures and seeing the fantastic the pictures that the children have done. 

Thank you for your support ensuring your child’s P.E kit is in school on Wednesday!

Week 5

It has been an exciting week in the Badger Class.  It was our turn to meet Dr. Collins, our Eco-Warrior! Dr. Collins introduced us to the “grass room” where we had lots of fun hunting out mini beasts and using our magnifying glasses to get a better look.  fantastic teamwork and sharing went on and we found all sorts of creatures such as slugs, woodlice, snails and even a millipede!

This week we have also been introduced to numicon.  We have explored how many holes each one, putting them in order and looking at their colours and shapes.  

Thanks so much to all those who attended the phonics meeting and everyone who has been reading with their children.  We really value your support. 

Well done to our Star of the Week – Rohey!


Week 7

Well done yo our Star of the Week – Matilda

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1

It has been a really exciting first week back!  On Monday we had our family stargazing event to get us excited about our new topic and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying looking at the beautiful, clear night sky, enjoying the bonfire and toasting marshmallows! 

We have been learning our new story: “How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers and enjoyed doing lots of activities to embed us in the story.

It was also our INSPIRATIONAL MATHS week!!! We have been doing lots of sorting in lots of different ways, using our own criteria to sort resources.  We have also looked at pattern, specifically repeating patterns and 2-D shapes.  We have done lots of work in our groups and as partners and talking and explaining what we are doing, what’ve noticed, and what similarities and differences we can see.

Thank you for your ongoing support, particularly in reading with your children. 

Week 2

We have been immersing ourselves in our topic, Shine Star, Shine, this week! 

The children are becoming increasingly enthusiastic in the reselling of our story: How to Catch a Star and we’ve been thinking about how to ask questions and had the opportunity to interview the boy in the story!

We’ve also been continuing our investigations into Numicon rods and thinking about how to work out the amount each one represents by using the ‘one’ rod.  

We worked hard as a team with Dr. Collins, making a giant star using really long sticks and leaves.

Finally we have been learning about the story behind Diwali, learning about the different beliefs and celebrations that others share.

Thank you for all your support this week, all those who have been reading with their children, it’s exciting to hear them using the sounds they have learnt so far to begin to segment and blend words.

Well done to our Star of the Week – STANLEY!

Week 3

This week we have been continuing our Talk for Write work, thinking about what we would wish for if we could wish for anything.  In phonics, we have learnt new letter sounds and shapes and been practicing blending and segmenting to read and write.


In maths we learnt about how to continue and make growth patterns and continued our work around using numicon rods to represent amounts.

We also had lots of fun using different techniques to mark make.

Our star of the week has been Sienna-Mae 

Congratulations to all those who made it onto the Reading dragon this week and who supported our rainbow dressing up day to raise money for Children-in-Need!  

Week 4

This week has been a very exciting week – Nativity rehearsals are very much underway and the children are doing so well, taking part and learning the songs! It is really coming together.

In Talk for Write this week we have been thinking about instructions and as a class have written instructions on how to catch the star.  The children have been learning how to use time words and imperative verbs (bossy words).

In maths this week we have started our work on matching numerals to amounts and numicon shapes.

Well done to our Star of the Week – STANLEY

Thank you for your continued support!

Week 5

This week we have really got into our rehearsals for our Nativity and the children are doing so well with their songs and lines!


In Talk for Write we have been writing our instructions that we were practicing last week.  Remembering to use time words and bossy words.

In maths we have been making amounts in different ways and exploring what we’ve learnt about numicon rods and shapes.  They have also been encouraged to represent that amount by writing the numeral.  


We have been decorating our salt dough decorations, they are looking beautiful! Hoping to make lots of sales next week at the Christmas Fayre.


Dr. Collins came in to read Stick Man to us.  Unfortunately it was to wet to go out to the grass room but she helped us work together to make beautiful stars to decorate our classroom.


We have just had the dress rehearsal for our Nativity and every child did so well, joining in with all the songs and saying their lines with confidence. I think there will be a lot of proud parents next week.

Spring Term (1)
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