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We have PE on Thursday

Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

What a great start to the new school year! Fox class have enjoyed settling into the classroom environment and making new friends! We have started to follow the school routines and have explored our new classroom and the outside classroom! 

We look forward to seeing Fox class next week for their first full week in school! 

Have a good weekend, 

Miss Pannell 

Week 2

The children are settling beautifully and are becoming more familiar with school life! We have been focusing on our dragon school values this week! We met Resilient Ruby who inspires us to try our best and never give up even though we may face some challenges! 

We also met Independent Isaac who is reminding us to have a go at things first before asking an adult for help! Challenge Charlie also visited us and taught us to challenge ourselves and set high expectations for ourselves and our friends! The children have also been working as a team this week like teamwork trio dragon and have been sharing and turn taking well! Lastly Creative Christoph came and inspired us to be creative in everything we do and to express our own ideas rather than using someone else’s! 

See if your child can share some of the dragon values with you at home! 

Reminder for parents: please ensure your child has their p.e kit in school ready for p.e on Thursdays! 

Week 3


This week we have continued to focus on the different dragon values within our activities! I am pleased to see that the children are persevering and having ago like Resiliant Ruby – especially with putting their coats on and doing up zips!

 We have been practising recognising and writing our names. We have also been painting our very own self portraits this week where we used a mirror to look at the different features on ourselves and our friends, such as eye/hair colour, ears, nose, mouth etc.. we discussed how we are all unique and have similarities and differences.

This week we also enjoyed our p.e and science lesson, where we focused on our senses and how important they are! We really enjoyed feeling the different objects with our eyes closed and guessing what they could be!

Week 4

This week the children met our Eco Warrior Dr Collins! We explored the outside area and worked as pairs to discover what we could find in our surroundings! The children loved using the magnifying glass and sharing what they discovered with their friends!! 


Week 5

This week in maths we have been exploring Numicon!

We have been recognising Numicon as a counting apparatus and became familiar with the Numicon shapes – focusing on the amount, colour and number of holes! The children were being like Resilient Ruby in their maths and counted each Numicon hole carefully! 

Some of the children ordered the Numicon from 0-10! 

In Shape, Space, Measure we have been exploring  and comparing the size, length and height of objects! Ask your child if they can describe the size of something using some simple words we’ve learnt this week such as long, short (length), tall, short (height) big and small!! 

Take a look at some highlights below..

Reading books are changed every Thursday.

Please ensure your child’s reading record book is written in after each read and brought into school everyday! 

Thank you! Have a great weekend Foxes,

Miss Pannell 

Well done to our Star of the Week – Phoebe!

Week 6

Another busy week in Fox Class!

This week we started our Talk for Write lessons where we have been imitating (retelling) the story ‘Come Along Daisy’. We have been like team work trio and working really hard to remember all the words and actions! Ask your child to show you at home! 

In Phonics this week the children have been intro ducked to s, a, t and p. We have learnt the letter names and the letter sounds to match( my name is s, my sound is sssss…)


The children have been hearing the initial sounds and matching to the correct letter shape! 

In maths we have continued to explore the Numicon shapes! We are becoming more familiar with the shapes, odd and even, colour and amount! This week we have focused on our age and representing this amount in different ways…

We have also continued to practise writing our names in Fox Class, have a go writing your names independently at home.

Have a great weekend Foxes,

Week 7

A very busy last week in Foxes! 

In T4W we have been creating posters all about us and describing ourselves in positive terms!

In phonics we have revised previous sounds s,a,t,p and have learnt four new sounds this week! I, n, m, d. Ask your child at home if they can tell you the letter name and sound to match the letter shapes! 

In maths we have been exploring the Numicon rods! We have been building staircases with the rods up to the sky and across as well! We are becoming more familiar with the colour and relationship between the different Numicon rods! We noticed that we can see patterns in the different sizes and discussed these could be representing numbers and amounts! 

On Tuesday we had our Arts and Craft afternoon! Thank you to everyone who came, the children loved creating autumn collages with their friends and family!

A big thank you to everyone who wore pink and donated on Friday to support and raise money for breast cancer! 

Well done for all your hard work this half term Foxes!

I am amazed at how quickly the children have settled into school life!

Well done to our Star of the Week – Teddy!

Have a fabulous week off!!

Miss Pannell 

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1

A busy first week back to term this week!

In T4W we have been introduced to our new story ‘How to catch a star’ for our topic ‘Shine star shine’. We have been becoming familiar with the story and retelling using our voice and actions!

In phonics we have been revisiting previous sounds in phase 2 and were introduced to g, o, c, k and ck this week! We are getting really good at hearing the sounds and matching to the correct letter shape! 

We have also been focusing on name writing! We have been tracing over our name cards and have tried to copy our names on paper/whiteboards! Ask your child to practise writing their name regularly at home in lower case letters and in cursive handwriting style if they can…


It has been inspirational maths week in school this week and the children have been exploring sorting, patterns and shapes! I am so impressed with how the children showed perseverance within their maths learning and never gave up! The children particularly enjoyed exploring all our resources and creating repeating patterns! We focused on 2 and 3 step patterns but some children got up to and step repeating pattern – well done Robert! 


Also this week we visited Dr College me in her ‘Grassroom’ and created a giant star with leaves and other natural resources we found in the outside environment! We also loved creating leaf fireworks in the air!!

Well done to our Star of the Week – LOLA!

Week 2

This week in T4W we have continued to retell our new story with voice and actions! We have been thinking of different ways to help the boy catch a star! We thought of climbing a really tall tower, flying in a magical spaceship, asking a friendly seagull for help amongst many other fabulous ideas! 

In phonics we have learnt 3 new sounds this week! E, u and r! We have also been decoding and blending simple CVC words and practising saying these like a robot! E.g.. c-a-t cat! Ask your child to ‘robot talk’ some simple words at home! 



In maths we have been exploring the Numicon rods and working out the value of each rod using the 1 rod! We have also been matching these amounts to numerals and have practised writing our letter shapes! – can you practise writing your numbers at home? 

We have also started handwriting and the children have been introduced to the curly club letters! We focused on forming c and a this week! Remember our letters must be sitting on the line and in cursive style handwriting! – can you practise at home? 


We have also enjoyed making a poppy wreath with our painted handprints this week ready for our Remembrance Assembly on Monday!


Well done to our Star of the Week – ROBERT.

Week 3

Another busy week in Fox class! 

In T4W we have been wishing upon and star! The children shared some fantastic ideas about what they would wish for if they were given one special wish! Some of us wished for lots of toys, chocolate coins, for mummies and daddies to not have to go to work! Ask your child what they would wish for at home! 

In phonics we have learnt some new sounds this week… h, b, f, l. We have also been practising decoding and blending our sounds together when we read and segmenting and blending our sounds when we write! We have also revisited the curly club letters c, a and d… can you practise writing these letters at home? Remember the letters always sit on the line! 

In maths we have continued to explore the rods and the amounts they represent! We are becoming more and more familiar with the different colours and amounts! We have also challenged ourselves this week to match to the correct numeral! 

This week the children really enjoyed their art lesson! As a class we explored mark making using different resources! 

Take a look at our weekly highlights below.. 



Keep up the good work Foxes, 

Week 4

This week the children really enjoyed their science lesson where they explored lots of different types of bridges and their uses! The children worked as teamwork trio to build bridges of their very own across the rivers in our classroom! I was so impressed by their fabulous ideas when constructing them!! 

Take a look at some of our bridges below… 

This week in T4W we have been thinking about instructions and what their use is! We have been thinking of our own instructions and linking it to our story! We have used time words and bossy words this week and have been practising verbally saying the instructions and actions for how to catch a star! 


We have also started practicing our Nativity and learning the songs to go with it! We are really excited about our Christmas performance and showing you all! 

Reminder to parents: if your child has a speaking part in the play they would have had lines sent home with them! We would be grateful if you could help your child to learn these lines, speaking in a loud, confident, clear voice! Thank you for your continuing support! 

Week 5

Well done to our Star of the Week – ERIC!


This week in Foxes we have continued with the Christmas festivities and the children have loved creating their starry nights scenes and collage stars for our display! 

In art this week the children enjoyed getting messy whilst making salt dough decorations to sell at the Christmas Fayre! 

In T4W the children have been writing instructions for how they would catch a star, using time words and bossy words! Ask your child if they can tell you their instructions at home! 

In maths we have continued to explore matching amounts to numerals! We are getting really good at recognising the number shapes and forming these! Can you practise writing your number shapes at home? 


Well done to everyone who has been practising their Nativity lines at home! During rehearsals the children have been speaking in a confident, clear voice! 

Week 6

This week in phonics the children have been writing Christmas lists to Father Christmas!! We enjoyed sharing as a class what we will ask him for.

We have continued to explore the Numicon rods and shapes and I am pleased to see the children showing each other how they can use these resources to help support their learning independently! 

We have continued to make Christmas decorations this week using lots of different resources! 

We also had a visit from Dr Collins this week and worked as teamwork trio and made snowflakes from recycled material! 

We have continued rehearsing for our Nativity and can’t wait to perform to you all! 

If you haven’t brought your child’s costume in yet, please do on Monday! 

Have a great weekend Foxes! 

Spring Term (1)
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