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Mrs Pearce



Congratulations to our Star of the Week





MARLEE-JO for confidently talking about her favourite character in the story. 

ELIJAH for recognising our new letter sounds.

We have PE on Wednesday

Autumn Term (1)


Week 1

Hedgehog Class have had a great first week at school. T

hey have all been very grown up and settled into school life well, we have enjoyed making friends and getting to know our classroom And school routines. We are looking forward to seeing them all next week for their first week full time. 

Week 2

This week Hedgehog Class have settled in well to school routines and have coped really well with their first week full time. We have been exploring our School Values by meeting the Value Dragons, ask your child if they can tell you about each dragon?

Please ensure your child has a book bag and P.E bag in school.

Thank you.

Week 3

This week Hedgehog class have continued to settle in well to school life! We have enjoyed meeting new adults for PE and music and doing lots of exciting learning in our outdoor classroom! We have been working hard to show our school values and the children have done especially well being independent like Isaac and working together like the team work trio. 

Hedgehog class have PE every Wednesday so please ensure their PE kit is in school. 

Next Thursday we will also have our half trimly visit from Dr Collins our eco warrior ! 

Well done to our Star of the Week OSCAR D.

Week 4

This week hedgehog class have been painting self portraits of themselves to display in our gallery. They have really enjoyed learning painting skills Andy thinking carefully about which colours they need to use.  We had a great time with Dr Collins exploring our Grass Room!

Week 5

This week we have begun exploring Numicon in maths. The children have really enjoyed getting to know the different shapes, colours and size of each piece and carefully counting the holes to find out each amount. We worked together to order the Numicon and talk about our favourite Numicon shape.


We have also been thinking about size in our measures lessons and exploring this in our discovery time. The children are able to make simple comparisons and use everyday language to talk about size.

Hedgehogs have PE on Wednesday and music on Thursdays.

Well done to our Star of the Week – Alex

Week 7

The children have worked very hard in the last week of their first term at school! We are very impressed with how well the children have settled into school life over the last few weeks and they have definitely earned their week off! This week we learnt the sounds i, n,m and d, ask your child if they can show you the action for each sound! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our craft afternoon on Tuesday, the children loved being able to show you their classrooms! We hope you all have a lovely half term break! 


Well done to our Star of the Week – Benjamin!

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1

This week we had our visit from Dr Collins. We have been reading the story ‘How to Catch A Star’ in talk for write, we made a giant star using all of the autumn leaves and then enjoyed making fireworks by throwing the leaves in the air. This week we have had our inspirational maths week and have enjoyed exploring pattern and shape.

Well done to all the children who practised writing their names over the half term!

Well done to our Star of the Week – OLIVIA

Week 2

This week we have been exploring the Numicon rods by using the one rod to find value of each rod. The children have really got more confident with counting carefully and accurately. We have also begun handwriting and the children have been learning to write the curly club letters; a and c. 

We have also been preparing for our rememberance assembly on Monday, the children have used handprints to create a beautiful class poppy.

Please continue to read regularly at home and help your child to write their name.

Thank you 

Well done to our Star of the Week – Shaya!

Week 3

This week we have learnt the sounds h, b, f, l in phonics. We have been practising using our sounds to write cvc words. Here is some of our lovely phonics work this week.

In talk for write we have been thing about what we would wish for if we could wish upon a star, the children thought of some lovely ideas. 

In maths we have continued to work with the Numicon rods, exploring their value. 

We have also done some art this week, exploring how to make marks with different materials.

Don’t forget to sign up to ‘Marvellous Me’ if you haven’t already!

Week 4

This week we have been learning about instructions in our talk for write lessons. We have practised giving instructions to each other and creating instructions for how to catch a star. Next week we will be writing our own instructions for how to catch a star. 

In phonics we have been practising all of the sounds we have learnt so far and applying this to our reading and writing. 





Well done to our Star of the week – JACK!


Week 5

This week in talk for write we have been writing instructions for how to catch a star. We came up with a set of class instructions, thinking carefully about how to use time connective and imperative verbs. The children then had a go at creating their own instructions. They came up with some really creative ideas like using a giants chair and a hot air balloon. 

In maths we have been practising all of the skills we have learnt this half term. The children are now very confident using the Numicon apparatus to support their learning.



Week 6

Well done to everyone in Hedgehog class who performed brilliantly in our dress rehearsal today. I am sure you will do a excellent job in our show on Tuesday. 

This week we had a visit from Dr Collins, she taught us how to make Christmas decorations and we had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of us creating our snowflakes. 

Spring Term (1)
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