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Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

Welcome back Clownfish! 

We have had a wonderful week in Clownfish class and all the children have settled in well! It has been lovely to hear all about the exciting things you’ve all been to up to during the summer and children loved sharing their summer bags with the class!

Something out of the ordinary happened earlier in the week, as we were walking along the corridor we noticed that presents had been left all along the corridor and in our classroom! We checked with the other classes in year 1 and they had found the same as well! We couldn’t believe it! As a class we mind mapped why we might have presents and what might be inside… when we opened them we found lots of different kinds of toys! We discovered that our topic was going to be all about toys and the children came up with different ideas to give our topic a name- Nicholas’ idea was the most popular- VOLCANO OF TOYS! 

Throughout the week the children have explored playing with a variety of toys, written about different kinds of toys they would hope to find in their bedroom and labelled pictures of their favourite ones. 

In Maths we have had an exciting week during our inspirational maths challenges! We are problem solving through exploration and all the children have shown brilliant resilience when it comes to making mistakes! 

Gold book awards- Joel L and Phoebe 

Reader of the week- Jessica H

Star of the week-  Darci J

Week 2

What another brilliant week in Clownfish Class- I have been so impressed with how hard the children have been working and that they are trying their best at all times, even when faced with a challenge!

This week in Maths we have been exploring ordering events and using time language such as first, next, then and last! We sequenced a familiar story and put the pictures and words in order! We have also been learning the days of the week, we learnt a song to help us remember! Did you know Sunday is the first day of the week?

In English we have been focussing on writing simple sentences with a capital letter and full stop using our best handwriting! Kung Fu Panda came to help us so we could remember our full stop at the end of our sentences! We have also been looking at the illustrations from our new text and practising our labelling skills. We’ve used our imagination to think about what might be happening in the pictures and predicting what our new story might be about…

Our new topic ‘A Volcano of Toys’ meant that we were able visit Toys R us on Thursday which we LOVED! The children were so well behaved we were really proud of them. We loved looking at the different types of toys and discovering new ones that we might not have at home! We created a piece of Art after our trip to show what toys meant to us.

Clownfish have also been finding out about materials this week, we sorted different toys into categories and thought of some adjectives we could use to describe them.

Gold Book Awards- Sai Qiolevu and Bonnie Price

Reader of the Week- Hiba F

Star of the week- Yunus A


Week 3

I can’t believe its the end of week 3 already! The children have really settled into the year one routine and we have seen some amazing learning. 

This week we met our new character Tatty Ratty from our story in English. The children have written simple character descriptions, learnt a story map and interviewed Tatty Ratty to find out more about him! We discovered that he was a rabbit who had been on an adventure. We can’t wait to write our own story!

In Maths we have been continuing our work on days of the week and have also looked at seasons. Lots of mysterious objects appeared in our classroom and we needed to sort them into the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. We discussed what changes happened and which seasons are our favourite! 

We’ve started Shared Reading this week which the children really enjoyed, we were exploring book covers and why they are important. The children designed their own front cover for a story of their own. We learnt what an author is, did you know it’s someone who writes stories? 

Star of the week- Hiba F

Gold book awards- Darci J and Tommy N

Reader of the week- Nicholas M

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week! 

Week 6

Star of the week – Jack W

Gold book awards- Jakub S and Misel G

Reader of the week- Herbie W

What a wonderful week in Clownfish class! We have been so busy and the children have shown so much creativity and resilience this week when they have been faced with challenges. A HUGE well done to all the children and parents who have read 5 times or more this week, your name is now on the dragon and you have a sticker on your dragon reading card.

This week in English we have been writing stories, the children chose new characters to add to the story and then had a go at writing themselves. We have been practicing writing sentences with a full stop and a capital letter and have used time connectives to link the story together.

In Maths we have been learning about addition. The children have practiced adding one to a number using numicon, elves and towers! We looked for different ways we could record this and looked for patterns. 

In Topic we have been sketching! The children experimented with different sketching techniques and then had a go at a self portrait. I was so impressed with how focused the children were and how they were giving each other tips on how to improve their artwork. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week! 

Autumn Term (2)
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