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Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

What a fantastic first week we’ve had in year 1! We have made lots of new friends in jellyfish class and are being introduced to a new school day routine. 

This week has been our ‘Inspirational Week of Maths’! We have explored lots of different activities including finger mazes, finger twister, number conception and problem solving. We have been working on adopting a growth mindset approach to our learning – ensuring that we remain positive and keep trying our best!

We have been introduced to our first topic of year 1: A Volcano of Toys! It all began when we came out of assembly and found lots of presents hiding in the corridor on the way back to our classrooms. We discussed what they could be and where they could have come from, then opened them up to find lots of different types of toys. For the rest of the week we’ve had lots of fun exploring how different toys work, sharing what we already know and asking questions that we can investigate in our topic. 

The toy theme continued in our English where we have been writing about toy boxes. We have also labelled toys using a ruler. 

Our sounds this week have been ch, sh, qu and zz. It is amazing to see how much the children have remembered from year R!

Life in year 1 is a big step up from Foundation but hopefully we will all settle and adjust soon. I am looking forward to our year together!

Thank you for your hard work and enjoy your weekend!

Miss King

Week 2

Another fabulous week as we well and truly settle into year one. It’s amazing to see just how quickly Jellyfish class are adapting to their new school day and I’m so pleased with how hard they are working.

In our maths lessons this week we have been practicing putting events and activities in order by how they happen. We have used language like ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’, ‘after’ and ‘last’. We have worked so hard to think about how we organise different things and have worked amazingly to demonstrate terrific teamwork, just like our Teamwork Trio school dragons taught us!

In English we have started looking at different illustrations and creating sentences about them. We have talked lots about what makes a good sentence and then practiced recording these accurately in our books. We have also practiced using a ruler to label pictures.

We had our first BEAM lesson this week where we practiced different positions and moved our bodies in different ways. It was lovely to see the children putting a lot of effort into strengthening those important muscles!

Our topic lessons have continued to be overflowing with fun this week as we continue our journey through ‘A Volcano of Toys’. We have created a picture in an art lesson that reflects what ‘toys’ means to each of us. We have then gone on to discuss what a material is, what materials we can see all around us and how we can organise and describe them.

I am absolutely over the moon to be starting such a fantastic journey with my Jellyfish class – well done to each and every one of you for being so positive about your new adventure.

A big well done to our Jellyfish Reader of the Week – Addison, who read beautifully to me by concentrating hard to apply his sound knowledge and decode words.

Our Gold Book award this week goes to Liam H for being so engaged and involved in our lessons this week. He has asked fantastic questions and made brilliant suggestions to our class discussions, along with trying his best to record his work beautifully. 

Week 3

In maths, we have continued to explore the days of the week, and finished by organising them so that they showed a continuous rolling pattern that doesn’t just stop at the end of a week. We then moved on to exploring the seasons. Our first lesson on Thursday was really exciting, there were lots of different items around the classroom and we had to use our teamwork skills to organise them into the appropriate season. There were hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, brown leaves, conkers, Easter eggs and much more! We then finished off the seasons lessons by creating a piece of work that showed what each season means to us.

In English, we have met our new friend ‘Tatty Ratty’, a cuddly bunny who goes on lots of adventures whilst his owner Molly is asleep! He has had breakfast with the 3 bears, visited Cinderella in the castle and even had a ride home on a dragon! Throughout the week we have done lots of different activities to get to know our class text. We have drawn and performed our story map, written sentences to describe Tatty Ratty and come up with some questions we’d like to ask him! We’ve all worked so hard to use our skills of sounds and letters.

In Topic, we have continued to describe different materials. On Wednesday, we were given a pack of different describing words and had a chance to look around our classroom to find materials that were ‘bumpy’, ‘fuzzy’, ‘shiny’ and lots more! Next week we will have a look at what happens when we mix different colours when painting.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a morning session with Dr Collins! She took us outside and we were very excited to take part in a bottle flipping activity, where we attempted to throw a plastic bottle with water in up in the air and get it to land standing up. It was really tricky to figure out the best way to do it, but we were all so resilient and many of us were able to get there in the end!

A big well done to our reader of the week Liam H who blew me away with his fantastic sounding out and blending together his words, and Noah Fletcher who showed amazing resilience when we were outside with Dr Collins. He found the activity really tricky at first but kept trying until he found a way to succeed. Well done Noah and Liam!

Well done to our Star of the Week Tyler-James

Week 4

This week has been a challenging one in year 1! We have continued to work through the new year one challenges that we face and are really committed to showing our school values – teamwork, resilience, challenge, independence and creativity. 

In English we have continued working on our story Tatty Ratty and have worked to sequence the story independently and describe what is happening in each part. It is wonderful to see how well the children know the story. Ask the children to show you at home! (Helpful hint if they have forgotten – use your hands to make bunny ears and start with a sad voice saying ‘Tatty Ratty was lost…’, they can take it from hear!) We’ve had lots of fun!

In maths, we have moved on to looking at number. We started this week exploring numbers 0-20, using resources and vocabulary to represent a specific number in different ways. It has been a bit of a struggle to see and explain things in various ways, so we will be taking some time to really explore these numbers and strengthen our understanding of them, along with their relationship to others.

In topic this week we have looked at and compared toys from different times! It was interesting to see toys that were played with a long time ago compared to toys we play with now! We put them on a timeline based on what toys we thought were the oldest all the way to what we thought were the newest.


In science with Mrs Creasey this week we had lots of fun designing our own healthy meal! We used paper plates and a variety of craft materials to build a meal that we  thought was healthy.

A big well done to our reader of the week Honey-Bow  who worked exceptionally hard to apply her sounds to decode some tricky words!

Also a big well done to Oscar who has worked very hard to remain engaged in our lessons this week and has approached his learning with great positivity!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss King


Week 6

Another fantastic week in Jellyfish class! We have worked so hard and are really starting to see some progress.

In English, we have written our class story of ‘Toy’s Party’ but have replaced the characters with our own ideas! We have worked hard to include capital letters and full stops in our writing and our letter shapes keep getting better and better.

In maths, we have been exploring adding on 1 to different numbers. We have been using resources and pictures to help us and are beginning to use appropriate mathematical symbols.

It’s been a lovely, full 4 day week and we are 1 week away from half term! 

A big well done to our reader of the week Lily for her independence in her reading and our gold book winner Tommy who has shown fantastic resilience all week in applying known skills and learning new ones in his maths.

Have a great weekend

Miss King

Autumn Term (2)
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