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We have PE on Tuesday (indoors) and Wednesday – (outdoors)

Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

Welcome back Seahorse class!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and were glad to be coming back to school.

In class, the children discussed what they did in their holidays and shared their favourite experiences with our peers.

In topic, the children were introduced to their new topic about toys. As a year group, they came up with the title, ‘A Volcano of Toys’.

The class have been spending time getting ready for their new routines and are becoming more confident as year 1 students.

A great first week!

Week 2

In English, the children have been looking a variety of pictures from their class story. They have been labelling them and learning to use a ruler accurately. They have also been focusing on simple sentences. Seahorse class have been recapping what a sentence needs and have been going over the difference between capital letters and lower case letters.

During Maths lessons, the children have been sequencing events this week. They have been using key vocabulary i.e. First, next, last. After, the children moved on to days of the week and yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

In topic lessons, Seahorse class have continued to look at toys. They investigated the materials that toys were made of and discussed the reasons for this. In Art, the children were given a A5 piece of paper and were given the freedom to show me what’s ‘toys’ meant to them – they thoroughly enjoyed this! 

The class took a little trip to Toy ‘R’Us on Thursday to see what toys they could find, discuss which ages toys were made for and to have fun. They were a credit to Northern Parade! All toys that were picked up were returned. All staff were met with a smile and all instructions were followed. 

Well Done Seahorse Class!

Week 3

A very active week again for Seahorse Class!

During English this week, the class have learned their story, ‘Tatty Ratty’ with actions. They discussed questions as a class for their main character and came up with a variety of sentences to describe him.

In Maths, the children finished their days of the week work and began to look at seasons. All of the staff brought in various objects for the class to sort into seasons and Seahorse Class really enjoyed this activity.

Homework went out this week and I have already been told by children they have been doing their spellings daily – well done!

Well done to our Star of the Week PETERO


Week 4

In maths this week the class have looked at numbers and sorting objects. They have been telling each other what they know about different numbers and have been using objects to represent them.

During English lessons, Seahorse Class have completed their story writing on Tatty Ratty. They used the sentence structures they have learned verbally to put the words into their books. Some of the children filmed themselves telling the story too. 

In topic, the class have been looking at old and new toys. As a class the children discussed all of the toys in front of them and were able to sort them into old and new, followed by organising them into a timeline. 

We have been reading Beatrix Potter in class and the children have really enjoyed this.

A good week Seahorse – well done! 

Week 5

Well done to all of the children and the parents who have read 5 times this week! Your child now has their name on our class reading dragon and has their first sticker on their dragon card.

In English, the class have been working on their new story and have sequenced pictures from the story. They have been looking at time connectives to link their stories too.

Throughout the week in Maths the children have been really looking into number. They have been ordering numicon and creating their own numicon number lines to 20.

As a starter in class, the children have some new songs they like to listen to. If you would like to look at these we have…

During Topic things have been sticky and messy! In art they investigated the colours related to seasons and in DT they used their cutting skills to decorate a toy. They also had a Science lesson where they labelled parts of the body.

Our Star of the Week this week was LENIE.

 Week 6

Seahorse class were out with Dr Collins this week. They took their topic outside and were testing out some home made toys. They really enjoyed this activity and become more skilled the more they tried. 

In Maths this week, we having been looking at number, specifically one more than. Noting patterns that arise from this and what changes. The children were using various equipment to do this and then found various ways to represent it in their books.

During English this week, Seahorse Class have adapted their class story and written their new version. Some of the class have been focusing on CVC and CVCC words in their books? (Consonant vowel consonant) 

Art this week focused on sketching, they had a lesson experimenting with pencil techniques. Once they had learned the various techniques, they then looked at some self-portraits and then drew their own.

Well done Seahorse!

Autumn Term (2)
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