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Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

Well done on your first week back!

All Starfish have worked incredibly hard this week and have been fantastic at remembering and learning all of our new routines.

Something out of the ordinary happened this week, as we were coming out of assembly there were different presents left along the corridor and in our classrooms. As a class, we brainstormed ideas of why we might have the presents. We then met as a year group to share our ideas. Finally, we opened the presents together to find out there were different toys inside the presents. We then learnt our new topic was about toys. As a year group we decided on the title ‘A Volcano of Toys’.

In English this week we have been looking at different toys and using our writing skills to either label the toys or write a sentence about them.

On Thursday, we were very lucky to have ECO outside with Dr Collins. We made toys out of everyday materials. The children showed fantastic resilience when using the toy.

A great week. Well done

Miss Strange

Just a reminder… Please can P.E kits and book bags be in school everyday. Thank you.

Week 2

Another busy week in Starfish this week.

Is week in English we have been focussing on own sentence structure. We have been using pictures to give us ideas and then writing about them. We made sure we had capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also been using our rulers to correctly label pictures. We made sure we used our sounds when labelling and held onto the ruler so we had a straight line. 

In maths this week we have been focussing on sequencing. We have ordered our day making sure we had it in the correct order. We then moved onto ordering the days of the week. Focussing on the order and when the week starts/ends. We then shared what we did yesterday, today and tomorrow to help us with our order. 

In topic this week we have been focussing on materials. We discussed what a material was and what materials we already knew. We  went on a material hunt around our classroom before sorting toys in different ways. We used our sorting circles to help us. 

To end our busy week we had a fantastic trip to toys r us. The children got to explore where toys come from and all different toys available. We linked our materials work to the toys we found in the shop. The children behaved extremely well and had a great time. 

Please can reading books and records be in school every day. 

Well done to our Star of the week Annabell

Week 3

Starfish have had another fantastic week this week.

In English we have been learning our new story ‘Tatty Ratty’. We have added actions to the story to help us remember each sentence. I was impressed with their story telling and expression used through out the story. We have also been writing a character description of Tatty Ratty making sure we include adjectives. To end the week we have worked as a team to produce questions to ask Tatty Ratty to find out information about him.

In Maths this week we have continued to sequence the days of the week and discussed how they do not end and it is a continuous cycle. We then moved onto discussing and ordering the seasons. We had different prompts to explore and put into the correct season. The children then explained why they put them in each season. To end the week the children have shown what each season means to them.

In topic this week we have continued exploring materials and their properties. The children had individual sorting circles and choose a category for each circle. They then added objects or toys to these. To end the week we discussed the properties of these materials and went on a hunt inside and outside to find objects that matched our describing word.

Homework and spellings books are due in on Monday.

Well done to our Reader of the Week – Sofia D

Week 4

Starfish have worked incredibly hard this week!

In English they have been independently writing our class story ‘Tatty Ratty’. They all did a fantastic job applying their phonic knowledge to help them spell out tricky words. When they were unsure they referred back to the story map and actions to help them.

In Maths this week we have been focussing on number and sorting. The children started by counting up to 20 and then chose a number to represent using different resources. They then represented this number with different pictures. To end the week they have been focussing on sorting objects in to different groups and explaining why they had sorted them this way.

In topic the children have been exploring timelines. They investigated pictures of toys from the past and present and then decided on an order starting from the oldest and ending with the newest. They had to use teamwork trios during this lesson. They have also compared toys from their lives and a babies life explaining why we wouldn’t give a baby a specific toy. To end the week we have been exploring what happens when we add white to a colour each time.

Miss Strange

Week 5

Wow another week has flown past in Starfish!

In English this week, we have been learning a new story called ‘Toy Party’. The children have loved adding actions to the story to help them learn it. They then performed a sentence each to the class with great confidence. They have also been sequencing the story with pictures and using their everyday writing skills to independently write sentences next to each picture. The children showed how well they had remembered the story and the sentence structure.

In Maths this week, we have been focussing on number. We have explored estimating and how we can make a sensible estimate and then how we can find our for definite the amount they have. The children used resources to help with their careful counting and also different ways of labelling. They could all explain how they had done this and why.


In Topic this week, we have been labelling the different parts of the body. I was really impressed with all of the different labels the children came up with and knew where to put each one. We have also been looking at the different seasons and the colours which go with each season. The children then used paints to show their chosen season on the page. Finally, the children used their drawing and cutting skills to design a toy. They were extremely resilient with their scissor control.

Please can I remind you to have book bags and books in school every day.

Well done to our Star of the week this week – ELLA!

Week 6

This half term is flying past!

In English this week, we have innovated (change) our story ‘Toy Party’. The children had great fun thinking of different characters to have in our story. Then as a class we thought of different actions to help us remember the changes. To end the week the children have been writing up the story. They have shown fantastic understanding of the story and sentence structure.


In Maths this week, we have been exploring what happens when we add one more to a number. We have been using a sentence stem to help us explain what happens e.g. 1block and 1 block makes 2 blocks all together. To help their understanding the children have explored this concept with different resources.

In Topic, the children have been exploring sketching. They investigated how their pencil can change colour and pattern on the page depending on how the pencil is used and moved. They then used this skill to sketch a self-portrait. I was extremely pleased with the different techniques you could see on them.


To end the week the children had Dr Collins. They got to explore cup and ball made out of recycled materials. They showed fantastic resilience and teamwork when playing this game. The children also had a gym specialist to come in and teach them a routine in gym. They showed great control of their bodies and listening skills to know each move.

Miss Strange

Just a reminder.. Homework is to be handed in on Mondays.

Week 7

WOW where did the first half term go!

A big thank you to everyone for taking the time to come in and see me for parents evening.

In English, the children have planned and written an independent story all about toys. This gave the children the chance to show off everything they have learnt this half term.

In Maths, the children have been focussing on one number at a time and finding out all the different ways they can make this number. For this the children have been using different resources and looking at the numbers in different contexts. They have been extremely resilient in finding out all of the different ways.

This week the children were introduced to R.E. We have been focussing on special people and what makes them special to us. During this lesson the children were extremely thoughtful and listened carefully to everyone’s special people.

In Topic this week, the children were introduced to the ‘Old Bear’ stories. They then used their sketching skills to sketch their favourite bear from the book. They showed all their different techniques during this lesson I was very proud. They have also recapped timelines and used the bears to put in chronological order.

Thank you to everyone who came to our craft afternoon and dressed their children in pink it was fantastic!

Enjoy the break.

Miss Strange


Well done to our Star of the Week – Finley!

Well done to our reader of the Week – PHOEBE!

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1

Our first week back has gone incredibly fast. The children have all worked hard as well.

This week, in English we have been focusses on poems and rhyming words. To start the week we explored different poems and nursery rhymes the children already knew. They enjoyed performing their favourite nursery rhyme to the class. We then learnt a class poem called ‘I wish’, the children added actions to the poem to help them remember each line. The children have also focussed on rhyming words and could explain what it means if the words rhyme. They then had different words they needed to see how many rhyming words they could find. In phonics we have been focussing on initial blends (starting sounds of each word).

In maths, we have been exploring different activities to get our brains thinking and thinking of more then one way. The children have been explaining how they count using their fingers, using teamwork to play a game using only numbers 1,2 &3 – they had to work out how to get to 10 each time and see who would be the first, finding different combinations for a three block tower, how many different rectangles can you make from 12 squares. The children showed great resilience during these activities and did not give up.

In topic, the children were sent a challenge from Edgart the Elf. He needed the toys to light up but he didn’t know how to do it. All he sent the children was: a lightbulb, battery and two wires. There were no instructions so the children had to explore the equipment and challenge themselves to try and work the problem out. The children have also been answering simple questions from information we have read about toys. To end the week the children then designed their own toy, thinking about the materials they would need, what would move on it and the tools they would use.

On Friday the children were lucky enough to have the gymnastics teaching in to practise their routine they have been learning. You can see how much they have grown in confidence during the weeks she has been coming in.

Well done to our Star of The Week – Alfie!

Miss Strange

Just a reminder… Can water bottles and P.E kits be brought back to school please.

Week 2

ANOTHER fantastic week in Starfish.

This week in English we have learnt a poem called ‘Through the magic window…’. The children showed great enthusiasm when acting out the poem to help them learn each line. The children then brainstormed ideas for their own poem. Following this the children independently wrote their own ‘Through the spooky window’ poem. They showed great imagination when writing these.

In maths we have been focussing on whole part whole. The children had to identify the whole object and then think about which is the part. We discussed if there was only one part or different parts of the objects. The children used stem sentences to help them with the new language. We then linked this knowledge to numbers and identifying the whole of a number and part of it.

In topic this week we have worked in teams of five to decide on a toy they would like to make. They then designed their toy together of large pieces of sugar paper and listed all the different materials they will need to make it. The children then started to build this toy using different recycled materials. They will continue to finish these in the next week.

Starfish were FANTASTIC on their school trip on Thursday. They enjoyed all the different activities at the search museum and looking at all the old toys. They followed instructions brilliantly and listened to our leaner – Carol.

Miss Strange

Week 3

What a jam packed week Starfish have had!

In English, we have introduced the children to instruction texts. We explored the different these texts to find out which features make them a instruction text. As a class we then recorded all of these features to put on our washing line in class. To end the week the children followed instructions read out by an adult, they either made a jam sandwich or decorated a biscuit. During this they discussed why it is important to follow each step in the correct order.


In Maths, we have been continuing with whole, part, whole. The children were exploring different numbers to find all the different parts. They started to notice the parts can be commutative (you can change the numbers around), this helped them to find all the possible parts for a number. We discussed how no matter what parts the number was in our whole is always the same. It was explained to the children how 0 cannot be a part as 0 is nothing.


This week in topic we have been completing our toys for Egart the Elf and started to practise our end of topic performance. The children also explored lists and why we write them. They then independently wrote a Christmas or birthday list.


On Tuesday the children had a fantastic treat. Shake, Rattle and Roll came in. The children were able to play an instrument each and then as a class we put together a song. They had to follow the instructions of when to come in, changing their noise level and follow a beat. they had a fantastic time.

On Thursday we had ECO with Dr Collins, this week they continued their toy Olympics and made a catapult to aim their pom-pom into a cup. The children had to work in teams to build it and then work together to decided where their cup needed to be placed.

Well done to our Star of the Week – OSCAR!

Miss Strange

Just a reminder ALL children need their P.E kits in school.

Week 4

Another GREAT week in Starfish!

Well done to our Star of the Week – TOMMY.

In English, we have been continuing with our instruction writing. At the beginning of the week, we decorated a snowman as a class. We then discussed each step we had to take to complete it. We added our time words to our plan so we knew where we started. The children then had to write up the instructions. We discussed the lay out and how important it is to use numbers, time words and imperative verbs. To end the week the children have started to plan their own teddy bear adding different decorations. The children then verbally told a friend their instructions and their friend acted out each step to check they were in the right order.

In Maths, we have continued with whole, part, whole. The children explored this concept using bananas and cheese. We discussed if it could be split into more than 2 parts. We then discussed the shape and sizes of the parts. To end the week, we then went further and discussed what would happen if you split marbles in to 3 parts and discussed all the different ways we could do this.

In Shared Reading, we have started the beginning of our text ‘Lost and Found’. We discussed the setting and where the penguin might come from. The children then had to explain why they think it came from their.

Miss Strange

Week 5

Well done to our Star of the Week – FREDDIE

Starfish have been busy this week getting ready for their performance next week. They have been working extremely hard and are proud of the show they have achieved. They cannot wait to show their family.

In maths this week we have been focussing on subtracting to find the missing part. The children have been given different word problems to find the missing part. We then laid it out in our whole part whole model.

In English we have been continuing with instructions. We have been focussing on the way instructions are set out on the page and why this might be. To end the week the children have started their own hot write for instructions. The have done amazingly to remember all the key features of instructions.

In topic we have explored light. We discussed why we have and need light. The children then explored different light sources and made a poster to show all the different things we knew about light.

In shared reading we have been making predictions based on what we already know from the story and take into account that it is a fiction book. The children had to predict why they thought the penguin was feeling sad.

Week 6

What a great week we have had!

I think you will all agree the children were FANTASTIC in their performance. I hope you were all feeling as proud as I was. They have worked extremely hard to learn their lines and the songs to perform for you. They all loved every minute of it and looked great in their costumes.

In English this week, we have been finishing our unaided instruction write. The children did fantastically with these. You can really see the progress in their writing. They were able to share all the different features of instructions. They could explain what an imperative verb is.

In Shared Reading, we have continued to read more of our story ‘Lost and Found’. We came across a word we did not know ‘disappointed’. As a class we discussed what we think this word means and if we have ever felt disappointed. We then discussed where we could find the meaning of this word if we did not know – a dictionary.

In Maths, we have been transferring the numbers in our whole part whole model into subtraction number sentences. We then explained what each number represents in the model and number sentence.

Miss Strange  

Spring Term (1)
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