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Congratulations to our Star of the Weekanimated-bright-shing-gold-star.gif


HOLLIE for doing a great job counting in 5’s.

LENA for her writing of Tatty Ratty.


Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

Well done on your first week back!

All Starfish have worked incredibly hard this week and have been fantastic at remembering and learning all of our new routines.

Something out of the ordinary happened this week, as we were coming out of assembly there were different presents left along the corridor and in our classrooms. As a class, we brainstormed ideas of why we might have the presents. We then met as a year group to share our ideas. Finally, we opened the presents together to find out there were different toys inside the presents. We then learnt our new topic was about toys. As a year group we decided on the title ‘A Volcano of Toys’.

In English this week we have been looking at different toys and using our writing skills to either label the toys or write a sentence about them.

On Thursday, we were very lucky to have ECO outside with Dr Collins. We made toys out of everyday materials. The children showed fantastic resilience when using the toy.

A great week. Well done

Miss Strange

Just a reminder… Please can P.E kits and book bags be in school everyday. Thank you.

Week 2

Another busy week in Starfish this week.

Is week in English we have been focussing on own sentence structure. We have been using pictures to give us ideas and then writing about them. We made sure we had capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also been using our rulers to correctly label pictures. We made sure we used our sounds when labelling and held onto the ruler so we had a straight line. 

In maths this week we have been focussing on sequencing. We have ordered our day making sure we had it in the correct order. We then moved onto ordering the days of the week. Focussing on the order and when the week starts/ends. We then shared what we did yesterday, today and tomorrow to help us with our order. 

In topic this week we have been focussing on materials. We discussed what a material was and what materials we already knew. We  went on a material hunt around our classroom before sorting toys in different ways. We used our sorting circles to help us. 

To end our busy week we had a fantastic trip to toys r us. The children got to explore where toys come from and all different toys available. We linked our materials work to the toys we found in the shop. The children behaved extremely well and had a great time. 

Please can reading books and records be in school every day. 

Well done to our Star of the week Annabell

Week 3

Starfish have had another fantastic week this week.

In English we have been learning our new story ‘Tatty Ratty’. We have added actions to the story to help us remember each sentence. I was impressed with their story telling and expression used through out the story. We have also been writing a character description of Tatty Ratty making sure we include adjectives. To end the week we have worked as a team to produce questions to ask Tatty Ratty to find out information about him.

In Maths this week we have continued to sequence the days of the week and discussed how they do not end and it is a continuous cycle. We then moved onto discussing and ordering the seasons. We had different prompts to explore and put into the correct season. The children then explained why they put them in each season. To end the week the children have shown what each season means to them.

In topic this week we have continued exploring materials and their properties. The children had individual sorting circles and choose a category for each circle. They then added objects or toys to these. To end the week we discussed the properties of these materials and went on a hunt inside and outside to find objects that matched our describing word.

Homework and spellings books are due in on Monday.

Well done to our Reader of the Week – Sofia D

Week 5

Wow another week has flown past in Starfish!

In English this week, we have been learning a new story called ‘Toy Party’. The children have loved adding actions to the story to help them learn it. They then performed a sentence each to the class with great confidence. They have also been sequencing the story with pictures and using their everyday writing skills to independently write sentences next to each picture. The children showed how well they had remembered the story and the sentence structure.

In Maths this week, we have been focussing on number. We have explored estimating and how we can make a sensible estimate and then how we can find our for definite the amount they have. The children used resources to help with their careful counting and also different ways of labelling. They could all explain how they had done this and why.


In Topic this week, we have been labelling the different parts of the body. I was really impressed with all of the different labels the children came up with and knew where to put each one. We have also been looking at the different seasons and the colours which go with each season. The children then used paints to show their chosen season on the page. Finally, the children used their drawing and cutting skills to design a toy. They were extremely resilient with their scissor control.

Please can I remind you to have book bags and books in school every day.

Well done to our Star of the week this week – ELLA!

Week 6

This half term is flying past!

In English this week, we have innovated (change) our story ‘Toy Party’. The children had great fun thinking of different characters to have in our story. Then as a class we thought of different actions to help us remember the changes. To end the week the children have been writing up the story. They have shown fantastic understanding of the story and sentence structure.


In Maths this week, we have been exploring what happens when we add one more to a number. We have been using a sentence stem to help us explain what happens e.g. 1block and 1 block makes 2 blocks all together. To help their understanding the children have explored this concept with different resources.

In Topic, the children have been exploring sketching. They investigated how their pencil can change colour and pattern on the page depending on how the pencil is used and moved. They then used this skill to sketch a self-portrait. I was extremely pleased with the different techniques you could see on them.

To end the week the children had Dr Collins. They got to explore cup and ball made out of recycled materials. They showed fantastic resilience and teamwork when playing this game. The children also had a gym specialist to come in and teach them a routine in gym. They showed great control of their bodies and listening skills to know each move.

Miss Strange

Just a reminder.. Homework is to be handed in on Mondays.

Autumn Term (2)
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