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We have PE on Thursday and Friday

Autumn Term (1)

Week 3

This week Lion class have been on a school trip to Butser Ancient Farm. They enjoyed finding out about the lives of the Stone Age people – activities included wattling and making their own walls, which included throwing mud!


Our Big Quiz Winners were ‘Neverland Team’.

This weeks reader of the week is Miles L

Week 4

Lions have been working hard this week changing their instructions. We came up with our own class one ‘how to trap a lion’. They had some brilliant ideas for their own writing and I’m looking forward to reading them when they publish next week. In maths we have been looking at place value, Lions are becoming very confident with this and I’m handing out lots of challenges for them to try.

We have started the reading challenge this week-racing against the other classes and so far we are coming 3rd. Every time someone reads in our class it is counted towards the final total – our lion race car moves along the race track for every 100 reads! The children that read 5 times at home also have their name put up on our dragon in the window. Come on Lions, we need to win!

Big quiz winners this week – Neverland team , class captain – Madelaine

 Week 5

This week Lion class have been busy changing the class text, I have really enjoyed hearing all their ideas and the final pieces are great! I’ve been really impressed with how hard Lion class have worked and how they have taken so much pride in their writing.

In maths this week we’ve have started to look at adding numbers together, lots of challenges going out again this week!

We also had a topic day where the children visited each classroom and discovered how people lived in the Stone Age. Lion class class came back with lots of information and were really enthusiastic- we had a woolly mammoth in our room!

We are now second on the race track for reading and we are the class that read the most this week – Well done Lions!

Class Captain – Holly W



Week 6

This week Lion class have been busy designing what they are going to make in their topic. Some have been researching housing in the Stone Age and have designed their own Stone Age house. Others have been designing their own weapons, cave paintings and clothes. Next week they will be making them.

Lion’s have been amazing with their home reading so much so that they in the lead on the Mario Kart race track!

Autumn Term (2)
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