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Autumn Term (1)

Week 4

Good morning from Ocelots!

This week our class captain is Violet H. Last week it was Bradley T who did an excellent job!

We are carrying on with our Stone Age topic following our visit to Butser Ancient Farm. In Maths we are studying place value and In English we are trying to Trap A Dragon!!! Quite tricky stuff (bearing in mind the damage he did to our classroom!)

We are also embroiled in a Times Table Rockstar challenge with Panthers to see who is the King of the Big Cat jungle. Let’s see if the Ocelot can outwit the sneaky Panther…

Big Quiz winners were Narnia and our reader of the week was Olivia.

Week 5

Ocelots have been completing their Hot Writes in English. They have been adapting their “How to Trap A Dragon” Instruction text into their own versions with some intriguing methods of how to capture certain pests and beasts!!!

They had a Topic day on Thursday which saw them delve deeper into the Stone Age, looking at housing, clothing, jewellery, currency and how people survived. Following on from their research this week the children will get the chance to design and make some Stone Age artefacts of their own (hopefully minus the animal poo!)

Reader of the week was Evelyn Binyon and winners of the Big Quiz were Narnia. For her superb efforts in our Literacy task this week, our Star of the Week was Nefertiti.

Unfortunately, we were beaten in our Times Table Gauntlet Challenge by  Panthers. However, what was VERY encouraging was seeing the amount of children that logged on and got some excellent practice in at home. Hopefully, next time, we can give them a run for their money…

Autumn Term (2)
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