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Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

Panthers began the Autumn term with an unexpected visitor this week… A dragon flew into the classroom and caused chaos! The classroom was a mess! There was slime and footprints everywhere and the tables were upside down. Luckily we caught the invader on CCTV which lead to discussions about what we should do next. We have begun writing instructions on how to trap the dragon and send him/her back home safely. This week also saw Panthers learn how to ride the mathematical bicycle – maths isn’t supposed to be easy first time. We each have wobbles and fall off (like when learning to ride the bicycle) but eventually we will be able to ride with less crashes and falls. Finally, we have been sharing summer holiday experiences and scrap books. They all looked fantastic and the children were all eager to share the fun they had. On to next week – lets hope we find this dragon!


Week 2

The end of week two! What a fun packed week! We began with reading instructions on how to trap the dragon that invaded the classroom last week. We have decided to trap him and send him home. Many of us also believe he is hiding in the loft (the door is visible on the classroom ceiling).

The builders this week found a real life cave painting under the school this week, we explored and began researching cave paintings, thinking about the times and any fun facts.

Finally, we had a visit from a cave person (Dr Collins) who taught us using a hammer stone to carve flint like people did in the stone ages. We also played hunter gatherer. So much excitement! And still a trip to look forward to next week.


Week 3

We are flying through these weeks! Week 3 done already. This week has been even more jam packed than the previous! We began the week with learning about bearded dragons and continuing to deepen our knowledge of instructions to trap the dragon (he is still living in the loft!). Panthers then had the opportunity to use their knowledge of place value and efficient counting to count traffic with Miss Gill. However, the highlight of the week had to be the visit to Butser Anicient Farm.

Panthers were so well behaved, asked sensible questions and after lots of discussion today it is clear we have all learned a lot. What a week!


Well done Panthers for winning the TTRockstars battle win and to Jack for being the top of the leader board.

Well done Harvey for being Reader of the Week.

Keep up the hard work Panthers. 

Week 4

Another week over! This week Panthers have been changing the class text to make their own instructions, Mrs Dawes and Miss Say have been writing about unicorns! Everyone’s ideas are super creative and I cannot wait to read the final outcome when we become independent writing. In maths we have continued exploring place value with resources and counting in tens. We have begun the ‘Dragonathon’ to encourage reading, each time a Panther reads 5 Times in a week their name is placed on the dragon and earns 5 points for the class. It’s another competition, come on Panthers! 


Big Quiz winners this week are Hogwarts, our reader of the week is Hannah and Class Captain for the previous week was Jack! Well done for working hard and completing another week Panthers! 

Week 5

We have been busy Panthers this week. We participated in a dance workshop practicing our folk dancing and learning more moves. The children worked hard and are very talented. The middle of the week saw Year 3 mix classes for a topic morning. Each class had topic workshops on Stone Age housing, cave paintings, hunter gathers and Stone Age clothing and Jewellery. Panthers all enjoyed the sessions and are excited for the research and creating Stone Age products. Panthers ended the week winning another TT Rockstars competition!

This weeks star is Hunni for being brave and beckoning our school councillors although nervous. Class captain was Tawana for all her hard work. Keep it up Panthers!

Week 6

One more week till half term! In true panther style, the children have been super busy and hard working all week! We started our new English topic of Beauty and the Beast (a favourite all round the year group!) and began developing our descriptive vocabularies. In maths we took place value one step further no began looking into addition. We thoroughly explored the relationship and had some great mathematical conversations. We have been practising our songs for the play and they are sounding beautiful. Miss Say loves it when practising as they sound fantastic! This week ended with another topic morning full of research, designing and painting ready to make next week. An afternoon of Beauty and the Beast and a sad farewell to Isabelle. Panthers will all miss her and we all wish her luck in her new school. The reading club is panthers has been fantastic this week, many children volunteered to stay in and read with an adult which really shows the love we have for reading.

Our Reader of the week this week is Millie, well done Millie for reading 10 times this week! Class Captain was Isabelle and no big quiz winners this week. 

Don’t forget to keep reading so we can get more points! 5 consecutive reads means your name on the dragon and each name is 5 class points! The winners get a prize from Mrs Smith! 

Also keep playing TT Rockstars and see if you can be the winner of most coins in year 3 by the end of the week. 

Keep going Panthers! 

Autumn Term (2)
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