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Congratulations to our


Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

We’ve had a ‘Week of Inspirational Maths’ where we’ve tackled mathematical mysteries, made and tested conjectures and learned how anyone can achieve in maths.

Our English work has been based around tales from Ancient Greece – discovering hidden meanings, motives and heroes ; and writing our own wishing stories based on King Midas.

We’ve made a start to our Ancient Greeks topic, locating Greece in the world and using our knowledge of history to work out when the Ancient Greek period was. We’ve come up with lots of questions we want to answer!

Dolphins class has made a fantastic start to their Spanish with pupils already able to greet each other and order their lunches in Spanish. This week we’ve focused on learning about Spain and Spanish speaking countries and the Spanish alphabet.

Week 2

Dolphins have had great fun playing ukuleles this week, thanks to a visiting teacher from Portsmouth Music Service. We’re really looking forward to our next lesson.

In topic we’ve been researching and drawing vases from Ancient Greece and learning about the differing lifestyles of the Athenians and Spartans. The children used these to come up with their own fantastic top tips for getting on with well with others.

In Spanish Dolphins have been learning to meet and greet – asking and replying to questions about names and feelings.

Best of all, the whole class only dropped 8 points (out of 290) in the ir spelling test at the end of the week so a massive thumbs up to everyone supporting learning of these at home!

Week 3

Dolphins have been doing lots of drama activities in English, pretending to be Athenian and Spartan families and acting out our Balaclava Boys class text.

In maths we’re investigating how numbers are used to help order things in real life and the children have been asked to look out for examples of number lines which we use for every day tasks such as measuring liquids, weighing ingredients and recording data.

In Spanish we’ve begun using numbers 1-10. See if your child can recite the numbers for you. You could even ask them their age in Spanish: ¿Cuantos años tienes?In topic we’ve finished our Greek God fact files to go with our Top Trump cards and we’re looking forward to a Greek science day next week.


Week 5

Dolphins have had another fun-packed week of learning!

In maths we’ve been looking at approximating numbers to the nearest ten or hundred and finished the week with a team problem solving competition which not only showed off their new maths skills but also some fantastic team work. Hermes and Apollo table drew for the top prize but I was very proud of all of them for working together so well.

On Tuesday we had our trip to the Ure Museum at Reading University to  learn about Ancient Greek pottery and were lucky enough tohandle genuine artifacts.


On Thursday afternoon we sat in the beautiful sunshine, listening to tales from Ancient Greece around a camp fire and then toasting marshmallows. Huge thanks to Dr Collins for setting this up for us.

In science we’ve been learning about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and in English we’re getting ready to write our own wishing stories.

We had our fourth ukulele lesson on Friday – hopefully you can see how well the children are doing in the video below.

Week 6

Dolphins reader of the week is Charlie.

We didn’t do big quiz so no winner.

Star of the week is Anya.

Spellings and homework were handed out to everyone today. This week’s spellings are: open, opened, happen, happening, limit, limiting, visit, visiting, garden, gardener. Homework is to try and earn more than 100 coins on Times Table Rock Stars.

Maths this week has been all about rounding – finding the closest multiple of ten or one hundred to a given number – and finding out when it is good to use estimates.

In English we’re writing a class wishing story, The Greedy Prince – see if they can tell you about the story.

In Spanish we’ve been learning the names for different colours and how to ask and answer the question ‘What is your favourite colour?’ in Spanish.

Topic work this week has been all about preparing for their museum, ready to show off what they’ve learned about Ancient Greece to parents next Thursday morning.

No real pics this week so included some bits from maths to help those who might like to help their kids. Is that okay?

Autumn Term (2)
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