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On Monday we have Dance and on Tuesday we have PE.

Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

In our first full week back from the summer holidays we spent a week (and a bit) completing some inspirational maths. We have learnt that in maths if we make a mistake our brain grows and we learn a way that doesn’t work. As a result we have become resilient and no longer get put off by mistakes.

In shared reading we have learnt all about Hercules and his 12 labours (2 of them anyway) and this led wonderfully into our topic lessons all about the Greek Gods. We even made some good old fashion top trump cards of the Greek Gods and even designed our own for homework.

In English we focused on Greek myths. We looked at King Midas and his golden touch (a little bit like the skittles advert man). We acted this out and discussed characters feelings before writing our own wishing story.

Week 2

On Monday 11th, Oresti was picked to be class captain for the week due to his hard work and excellent effort. Well done Oresti.

Mr Mogridge has begun teaching us our song for our the show. I am sure in the next few weeks we will be singing it at home all the time.  

Exciting news on Friday. We had a surprise! We were given a ukulele lesson. Good News! It’s not a 1 off lesson. We will be learning it every week for the entire school year. AMAZING!  

We have been learning about morals in shared reading and have looked closely at “the boy who cried wolf”. This links well with our Balaclava Boy story in English as George also learnt a life lesson and how it was wrong to take things that aren’t yours as the feeling of guilt is horrible.

Week 3

This week we have been getting excited about our forthcoming trip to the Stubbington Study Centre and many of us are looking forward to going on, The rest of us are excited to find out what we have planned back at school.

In maths we have been focusing on 4 digit numbers and how to arrange them in order, This has been challenging as it is the first time we have really worked with any number that is 1,000 or bigger,

In English we have been story mapping our Balaclava Boys story with lots of helpful pictures to help us remember and also actions to help us remember it. We even discussed the story in length. what do we like about it? what do we not like about? what questions would we ask the author? can we link it to any other stories we have read?

Also in English we have been increasing our vocabulary. We were looking to improve our options Then using speech in our writing and looked for different words we could use for said.

Hopefully, you saw our Marvellous Me’s where we were practising our Spanish. We could answer the simple question of how are you? we had 3 responses. happy, sad, so so. 

This weeks Big Quiz Winners are Diamond Mind Cart

Week 4

Group 1 Monday-Wednesday had a fabulous time at Stubbington this week. We participated in lots of different activities that required the key words of Resilience and Teamwork. These activities allowed us to make friends with children from another school and build stronger relationships with our friends from Northern Parade! On our first night, we stayed up late to go in the hide and spot badgers and foxes! We also set up animal hotels and had two guests (field mice) in our hotels which we later studied and named (Daisy and Mickey).

Amongst all of the fantastic activities, we also had free time to demonstrate our independence. To find out more about our trip, please read our diaries that we wrote during our stay! 

Week 6

This week we went to the “grass room” and toasted some marshmallow round a fire whilst listening to the story of Prometheus and how he stole fire from the gods to give to man kind. We also discovered his gruesome fate.  The marshmallows were fab so thank you Dr Collins. We’ve also been preparing our artifacts and presentations for our class museum. Things are shaping up well. We have a code breaker some timelines and an old favourite of top Trump’s to name but a few.  

We have have also been very successful in our first week of reading and our use of ttrockstars has jumped up too. 

This week’s class captain is Kalea 

Autumn Term (2)
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