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Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

This week in Orcas, we have been focusing on developing a growth mindset and have been working hard to improve our teamwork. We have completed lots of exciting challenges in maths which has allowed us to demonstrate the importance of listening to each other and sharing ideas. We took it in turns to share our interpretations with our teams and the outcomes were really exciting. This great level of teamwork reflected in our other lessons too!

We also started our Spanish lessons and our exciting topic of Ancient Greece! This led to lots of burning questions which we are all excited to answer in the coming weeks!

Keep up the great enthusiasm Orcas!

Week 2

This week in Orcas we have dived deeper into the lives of the Ancient Greeks! We visited a mediocre museum and discussed what we would want to show in our amazing museum at the end of our topic. We also learnt about the differences between the Spartans and the Athenians and related these to differences between us! We had some fabulous ideas and we put up a great debate on some of our thoughts! 

Week 3

This week we have been learning how to arrange 4 digit numbers in order. This was a challenge for us at it was the first time we have dealt with numbers over 1000. We also learnt our ‘Balaclava Boys’ story map with lots of fun and memorable actions. We took it in turns to perform them to our friends and earned lots of teamwork trio points. 

We have been really excited talking about going to Stubbingtom Study Centre next week! Those of us who are staying at school have also been informed of the fabulously fun activities that will be being held at school for them to participate in. We are looking forward to sharing the memories all of the fun activities with each other as a class! 

Reader of the week: Isabel M

Big Quiz winners: The Hydra 

Week 4

Group 1 Monday-Wednesday had a fabulous time at Stubbington this week. We participated in lots of different activities that required the key words of Resilience and Teamwork. These activities allowed us to make friends with children from another school and build stronger relationships with our friends from Northern Parade! On our first night, we stayed up late to go in the hide and spot badgers and foxes! We also set up animal hotels and had two guests (field mice) in our hotels which we later studied and named (Daisy and Mickey).

Amongst all of the fantastic activities, we also had free time to demonstrate our independence. To find out more about our trip, please read our diaries that we wrote during our stay! 

Orca Class captain – James R

Week 5

This week we continued our ‘Balaclava Boys’ text and learnt the structure of a wishing story. We shared lots of our own ideas to use for our class changes in preparation to write independently. Some of our ideas were really funny and interesting!

We have also been learning lots about ’rounding’. Using Numicon, Base 10 boards and number lines, we have learnt how to round 3 digit numbers to the nearest multiple of 10 and 100.

On Thursday, we went on a school trip to the Ure Museum in Reading. Here, we got to handle and study lots of different Ancient Greek pots, learn how the pots were made and what they were used for. We also learnt and experienced the role of an Archaeologist. Feel free to ask us about this to see what we can remember! 🙂

Huge well done to the children who beat their spelling and ‘beat that’ times table scores from last week!

Keep up the reading!

Reader of the week: Mia 

Class Captain: Cydnie-Rose 

Week 6

This week in Orcas we have written our own class changes to our wishing story in English. We worked really hard on including the features of our toolkit to make our writing really interesting and exciting! On Thursday, we were lucky enough to take our written stories outside around a campfire. We listened to each other’s stories and toasted marshmallows. This was really exciting and gave us opportunities to show off our fabulous work and read aloud with expression. We are looking forward to writing our own wishing stories next week!

We have also been preparing for our topic museum. As a class, we thought of exciting things we could display in our museum and have been conducting research to make sure our information is spot on! We intend to make all of our ideas ‘hands on’ and interesting as that’s what we would expect from real museums! There has been lots of planning involved and we are super excited to show our friends and family what we have been learning!

Week 7

This week in Orcas, we have been very busy bringing the first part of our Autumn term to a close!

In English, we published our wishing stories using our best handwriting and lots of tools from our wishing story toolkit!

We finished off our exciting topic on Ancient Greece by holding a living museum in the school halls for our family and friends to visit. We showed them lots of things we had learned through holding different stands. These included a couple of drama pieces based on the Athenians vs the Spartans, an Ancient Greek catwalk, Making Ancient Greek jewellery and pots and lots more! We also got the opportunity to make our own pitta bread and bake them in the clay oven with Dr Collins. This was very exciting and tasted yummy!

On our final afternoon before half term, we invited our family and friends in to do some arts and crafts to decorate our boards between the infant and junior school. This was lots of fun as we used different materials to each create a lightbulb that represented us. We are very much looking forward to seeing them all displayed in our ‘Light up the sky’ evening after half term!

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1

This week in Orcas we have had another week of inspirational maths. We have learnt lots of key messages about applying our growth mindset and teamwork skills in our maths tasks and why these are important. We enjoyed playing lots of different challenging maths games which allowed us to demonstrate our growth mindset and identify patterns to succeed.

In English, we started learning about our new focus of ‘Lost and Found’ stories. We discussed what this meant and shared some of our experiences and examples relating to lost and found. A penguin in a basket was delivered to our classroom with a letter explaining he was lost. As a class, we decided how we was going to get the penguin home and took a bumpy boat journey to the South pole to help inspire us for our cold write. 

On Thursday, we had our Indian hook day, where we went to the airport and flew to New Delhi in India. Going through check in and security with our luggage was lots of fun and we watched an Indian film for our in flight entertainment. This was followed up by learning lots about the lifestyle in India, contrasting the lavish, rich lifestyles with the poor slums. 

We are excited for our class assembly next week!

James – Reader of the week

Patrick – Star worker of the week 

Week 2

This week in Orcas, we have learnt how to ‘bridge’ numbers to make addition and subtraction in our heads really quick and easy! We learnt bridging through using lots of resources and we can draw on a number line what is happening in our brains. 

We also did a lot of drama this week in English based around ‘Lost and Found’ with a link to our India topic. We dressed up in Indian clothes and retold the story we had been reading focusing on ‘show no tell emotion’. We are getting really good at showing expression in both our body language/face as well as our voices!

Following this, we did our class assembly on what we had learnt about the Indian slums. The other children found it really interesting and could tell us some facts about what they learnt afterwards. 

Reader of the week – Cydnie

Class captain – Max.S

Week 3

This week in Orcas, we continued to read Grandpa Chatterji and demonstrated our skills at independent and group reading. This linked well with our English sentence level, writing a conversation between two Indian boys in the slum, focusing on how to use inverted commas appropriately. We also wrote a powerful letter to the Indian government arguing the importance of equality in India. We were very successful in using exaggeration, emotive language and rhetorical questions to write an interesting persuasive letter. 

On Wednesday, we had University of Portsmouth Bhangra Society visit to teach us a Bhangra workshop. We watched a performance and learnt a short routine which we performed to our peers. This was great fun and we all earned a certificate!

Class Captain – Patrick

Week 4

This week in Orcas, we have re-capped what we know about column addition and subtraction. We played different games and answered word questions to secure our knowledge. In English, we read and acted out different ‘lost and found’ stories in our groups and practiced how to summarise a text. We then gathered some ideas for our own stories and began to box up our changes (ask us what our story is about!). In our topic lessons, we have learnt about Hinduism in India and what is found in a Mandir. We also learnt about the story of Rama and Sita, with the festival of Divali, which we also acted out with our friends.

Star of the week: Patrick

Reader of the week: Billy

Times table champion: Max.Q

Class Captain – Sophie-Jean

Week 5

This week in Orcas, we have explored the value of decimals. We have learnt how to order decimals, understanding smallest and biggest, as well as the value of each digit. We made a giant number line which represented tenths, hundreths and wholes, and we could locate different decimals on the number line with confidence. 

In English, we continued our ‘lost and found’ stories and edited and improved our work to ensure we had ticked off our toolkit. We also began to think about our next unit of writing a non-chronological report. This was going to be based on our topic of India. We had a very exciting topic day on Friday where the children all experienced workshops on bhangra dancing, Indian art, yoga, and Indian sweet making. This was very exciting and we learnt a lot more about India, which we can use in our reports next week.

Well done to our Class Captain – Alessia

Week 6

Well done to our Class Captain – ZAC


Spring Term (1)
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