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Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

Class Captain: Izzy M

We have really hit the ground running our first week back! Peacocks have been getting inspired in maths, by looking at problem solving and group investigations. We have had lots of fun getting stuck into the different challenges and there has been lots of children showing that important school value ‘resilience’. We have also been busy practicing our times tables up to 12×12 as we are expected to become experts in year 5. 

We have also been reading Mr Stink in Shared Reading and English and have spent time asking questions about the text so far, to try and understand the characters. The children have also made their own predictions about what will happen throughout the rest of the story as we have only read two chapters so far!

We had an exciting visit from an Aztec priest this week! The children were taken into the hall to become part of a ‘human sacrifice’ to please the Aztec gods. They were all very excited to watch Mr Coe be gruesomely sacrificed, and then went on to write some brilliant and imaginative recounts.

Week 2

This week in Peacock Class we have been busy showing what we know about place value. We have been experimenting with different ways to represent a number, including drawing, creating new symbols and making the number physically. In English we have been reading Mr Stink and analysing the text as both a reader and a writer, searching through the text for different language tools such as relative clauses, brackets and alliteration. We have set the children challenge of making sure they are reading every day at least once and I am looking forward to looking through their reading records to see what books they have been sinking their teeth into.


Class Captain: Alex M

Big Quiz Winners: Slytherin

Week 3

We have been busy this week in Peacock class, getting to grips with ordering and comparing numbers. We have been arranging 6 digit numbers onto number lines and discovering the easiest way to find the mid-point of a number line. The students have really impressed me with their confidence and knowledge of 6 digit numbers and have been producing very articulate explanations for what they have done.

In English, the class have been working hard on their class character and setting descriptions, having decided to write about Fagin from Oliver Twist! They have watched a clip of the origional 1968 film and used lots of drama to generate powerful adjectives and noun phrases to use in their writing. What they have come up with so far has been really impressive!

We are now 3 weeks in and really getting into the swing of year 5!

Class Captain: Liam J

Big Quiz Winners: Ravenclaw

Reader of the Week: Millie C


Week 4

Class Captain Terry 

Reader of the Week: Lucy

This week in Peacocks we have been learning all about the ‘Legend of the Prickly Pear Cactus’ in Topic. It is a story that tells us about how the Aztecs believed their ancestors found their home of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). We discussed as a class what we could learn about the Aztecs from this legend and the children gained lots of new knowledge about how the tribes lived, worked and worshiped. The class then chose to retell the story using either performance, a comic strip or a leaflet. 

We also spent some time with Dr Collins this week, learning how to signal to each other using flags. The children had to decipher messages that I was sending them with my flags and then, once they had had a few practices, we moved onto boys vs girls! The girls were definitely better at deciphering the flag messages but the boys excelled at their flag movements! 

Week 5

We have had an extremely busy time in year 5 this week! Some of the class were off working hard at Beaulieu farm, while the rest of the pupils were showing off their skills in ‘Year 5’s got Talent’! Those pupils that stayed at school started off the week by getting themselves into groups and deciding on what talent to show off to the rest of the year group. Once they had decided on their act they then spent the rest of Monday pricing up venues, thinking about merchandise and pricing up the profit that they could make on their world tours. By the end of the days they were all talking about profit margins like CEO’s! Throughout the course of the week they also had to publicise their performance and the talent show as a whole, as well as make props and design and create merchandise. At the end of the week the winners of the semi finals got together in the hall to perform to their teachers and peers and ‘The Unicorn Dabbers’ won by a landslide.

In Beaulieu, the pupils got the chance to complete different farm tasks, as well as learning skills such as orienteering, archery, butter churning and all important leadership skills. Both the students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Class captain: Millie 


Earlier this year, the whole school had the chance to learn CPR with the help of HeartBeatz UK. We all learnt a variety of songs that all ran to 100-120bpm (the recommended speed for resuscitation) and sang them all together while practicing our CPR skills on a dummy. We were recently asked to help HeartBeatz U.K to launch their programme at QA hospital, by going along with 4 other schools to perform three of their songs to the public. When we arrived at QA hospital we were greeted by the HeartBeatz staff, Defib Dee and Resus Russ and Nelson, the Portsmouth Football Club mascot. We were introduced to the general public and then posed for some photos before getting to have a look around an ambulance and a fire engine. After the children had perform their songs and received a very loud round of applause, they were then given the opportunity to test their speed and accuracy by changing the wheels of a race car and hitting the coloured lights on the Batak machine. They also had a quick refresher of their CPR skills as well as learning how to use a defibrillator. Overall it was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to show off their skills and talent and to represent the school.

Week 6

Class Captain: Dylan 

Reader of the week: Louise 

Big Quiz winners: Ravenclaw

This week in Peacocks class we have been working to finish our setting and character descriptions. We have all written about a character we have created and shown our knowledge of writing tools such as relative clauses, adverbial starters and brackets for parenthesis. 

In maths we have been refreshing our memory , as to different mental and formal strategies for addition. We have looked at quick doubling, partitioning, rounding and adjusting, number bonds and column method. The class have been applying these methods to larger numbers, proving they are competent adding 6 and 7 digit numbers. 

We have also learnt all about the hierarchy of Aztec tribes and the different job roles within them. The pupils are all experts so ask them all about it!

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1

Well done to our Class Captain – Dylan

Week 2

Week 3

Class Captain – Brandon

Week 4

Week 5


Week 6

This week in English, Peacocks class have been recreating the Wizard Of Oz. First we planned our box up and through the week we wrote our class write, we had a lot of fun.

In maths we learned how to multiply two digit numbers to one digit numbers by using number lines, arrays, partitioning and using coin cards. Some of us found this tricky but we had resilience therefore we never gave up.

This week in topic we designed our chocolate boxes and created our own adverts for their chocolate. Everyone pondered about what their chocolate would look like, and how best to write a memorable tag line.

Class Captain: Evie 

Reader of the Week: Brandon 

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