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Congratulations to our


Autumn Term (1)

Week 1 & 2

A great first 2 weeks in Year 5 for Woodpecker Class. All of the children have come back to school with a great mindset showing myself and the other adults in the school that they are ready to learn.

Some fantastic work has been produced, so much so that work is already up on Woody’s Wicked Working Wall. We have been looking at the book ‘Mr Stink’ and the children have throughly enjoyed reading the text and making their own prediction of who he is and what he may have done previously.

In maths we have been looking at what number is and looking at a range of ways we can show different numbers. 

Let’s keep this hard work up throughout the year and we will have a great year. 


Class captain….. Week 1- Billy / Week 2- Evie

Reader of the week….. Week 1- Nathan / week 2- Emily J

Big Quiz winners……. Jk Rowling

Week 3

What a week have had. We have carried on learning about Mr Stink and looking in great detail at what writer’s tools have been used to make the story interesting. We have then learnt more about these and tried to include them into our work. I can already see an improvement in many of the children’s writing. Very impressed. 

In maths we have been looking at ordering and comparing numbers. Many of us have become experts in our place value and this has really helped us order numbers. Next week will be tough…. rounding! 

It’s been a really good start to the year and I’m hoping we can keep the hard work and fantastic attitude up throughout the year. 

Class captain…. Evie

Big quiz…. the big peach 


Week 4

We have had a really good week this week, writing our own class version of the Mr Stink text. The children have come up with some truly disgusting stories about a Crazy Bird Lady that lives in a treehouse. The descriptive language used has been fantastic.

In maths we have been looking at rounding numbers, which even I have found difficult. But each child has shown resilience to try their hardest to grasp the concept. We have ended this week with a maths test which everyone has done extremely well in. Very proud of each and everyone this week.

Class captain was Oakley S

Next week we have the Beaulieu trip which we are very excited about. This children staying behind have also got a brilliant week ahead, as they will be working together showing off their talents in the Year 5 got talent week, where they will be doing all sorts of Maths, English and Art activities leading up to their showdown on the Thursday!

A special mention to the year 5 girls football team, who competed in their first tournament of the year last Friday. Each girl tried very hard, to which some of the girls were asking to be substituted as they had run their socks off. Very proud to be a part of such a brilliant team effort by the girls, playing against year 5/6 teams.

Week 6

A good week back into normal lessons this week after a brilliant week at Beaulieu and the Year 5 got talent. The children got straight back into the hard work in English, where they were writing up their own version of Mr Stink. I can work out if they are brilliantly written or they are extremely disgusting. Nevertheless the children have worked really hard on their versions and I am very pleased reading them. In maths we have worked on addition problems, but not just using the column method. We have looked at adding questions only using our mind, to help us speed up our addition abilities. The children have really impressed me with their mental calculations. Parents you should test them at home!

One more week before half term so lets keep up the hard work before a well earned rest. Well done team!

Class captain was Jamie P

Big quiz winners were the Willy Wonkas

Autumn Term (2)
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