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We have PE on Tuesday, Dance on Thursday and Sport on Friday.

Autumn Term (1)

Week 1

A great start to Week 1 in Springbok Class. The children returned after their summer break to find that they would spend a week doing tests! I have been so impressed with the effort and attitude the children have shown; I know we are in for a fantastic year together. In Maths we have started looking at what a Maths Person is and as well as deciding that they must dress smart, we decided that they must not give up, learn from their mistakes and that anyone can achieve in Maths. Well done Springbok, keep up the hard work!

Week 2

Every time I sit down to write a weekly update for the website, I am shocked to see how quickly the week has gone. It has been another hardworking week in Springboks and the children again have impressed me with their effort and attitude. In Maths we have started a new way of working; this year we will be doing different projects. The first project is “Earth 2027”; we will be looking at seeing and predicting what the population would be in 2027. In English and Shared Reading we have started work on one of my favourite stories “The Silver Sword”. Within the lessons, the children have looked at the meaning of words, made predictions and started planning their own story.  A fantastic week Springboks! Keep up the hard work!

Week 3

Another incredibly hardworking has taken place in  Springbok class this week. In Maths we have continued our work on estimated what the population will be in ten years; it is very interesting and slightly scary to see how quickly the world population is increasing! In Shared Reading the children have been showing off their acting skills as we have acted out parts of the story. A great week, well done Springboks!

Week 4

Another week has flown by in Springboks and we find ourselves already half way through this half-term. We are coming to the end of Earth 2027 project and this week we looked at different types of line graphs. In English we have started off our independent write and in shared reading we have continued our work on the Silver Sword (See the picture below as we decided which character would make the best hero).  Well done Springboks, keep up the hard work!

Week 5

Another week in Springboks, Another hardworking week. In English we have finished our stories and I was delighted with the quality and effort put in. In Maths we are coming to the end of our “World 2027” project and the children have begun to draw their final graphs to show their data. I have been really pleased with the children this week so I am going to give them Monday off school (Sadly the teachers have to come in)!

Enjoy the longer week-end.

Week 6

A shorter but just has hard working week in Springboks! We have finally come to the end of our Maths topic and the children finished off their graphs as they showed their findings. In English we have begun our new book ” Good night Mr Tom” ; the children spend time finding features of the text. The highlight of the week however was our trip to Fort Nelson. the trip included; looking at lots of weapons, walking down dark corridors and seeing a gun display! The behaviour was fantastic, well done Springboks.


Week 7

A wonderful end to a hardworking half term. I have been so impressed with the effort and attitude. We finished our half term completing tests. Everyone has worked hard and did really well on the test. I have really enjoyed teaching Springboks this half-term. Enjoy your week off everyone!  

Well done to our Class Captain Ellie

Autumn Term (2)

Week 1


I am so pleased with how well Springboks have come back after their week off. In Topic we have begun our new unit of work : Space Tourists. This week the children found out facts about the Sun, Moon and Earth and  my favourite fact has to be ” the moon is not made out of cheese!”.  We have also started a new unit of work in Maths ” The world as a village.” The children looked at what the population of the world would be if represented as a 100 people.

In English we have continued our work on “Good night Mr Tom” with the children starting to write a story about their evacuation. Well done Springboks, keep up the hard work!

Week 2

I have been incredibly proud of Springboks this week as the effort and attitude has continued to be fantastic. We have all found Maths challenging this week as we have been looking at Fractions, percentage and decimals. Our resilience has been amazing and on Thursday this week, we finally had a break through; I can not think of many lessons I have walked feeling more impressed and encouraged then that Maths lesson. Amazing effort from everyone. In English we are starting our own  story about an exciting thing that happened on their evacuation . On Friday we had some visitors come round our class and they were blown away by the quality of our books! Well done all! 

Well done to our Class Captain – JACOB!


Week 3

I always get to a Friday and wonder where the week has gone and this week is no different. The children have again worked hard and produced some well thought out pieces of work. We are coming to end of our “Good Night Mr Tom” piece of writing in English. In Shared Reading, we spent some time looking at how Willie’s life was different in the countryside to London. In Maths we have continue our work on fractions, decimals and percentages; starting looking at adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Well done again this week Springboks!

Well done to our Class Captain – Tyrone!

Week 4

Another week has flown by as we move closer and closer to Christmas! I have been pleased with the effort and attitude of the children again this week. In Shared Reading we showed off our acting skills as we acted out the story “King Midas and his gold.” We definitely had some Oscar winning performances! We have finished our stories in English and I am pleased to see how well they have turned out! I was very proud of my class this week in Maths as we continued our work on fractions and we are becoming more and more confident with adding, subtracting, division and multiplication! A massive well done for the homework this week: amazing standard!  Well done everyone!

Well done to our Class Captain – ELLA!

Week 5

It has been a very egg-citing week in Springboks as the class have started to design their space capsule that will protect their egg pilot’s landing in our egg-periment in topic. As well as the fun in topic we had a musical maths lesson on Wednesday as the children create raps and songs to help them remember the four operations of fractions. In Shared Reading we started our story “War Horse” and the children created a persuasive piece convincing the father to keep the horse. Another fantastic week in Springboks. Well done all! 

Well done to Our Class Captain this week – COOPER!

Week 6

Well done to our Class Captain – EVIE!

A very busy week in Springboks class as we fitted the same amount of work into 4 days. The highlight of the week was clearly our trip to Winchester Science. All the children had a great time exploring the exhibits and then we went into the planetarium to see the wonder of the universe. The most pleasing thing for me was that everyone had a great time but also were fantastically well behaved. Well done  

Spring Term (1)
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