(Updated July 2017)

We are a Federated School with 1 Governing Body for both Schools, anyone that wishes to serve on our Board of Governors is elected to the post for a period of 4 years.


Our current Full Governing Body:

(Alphabetical order)


Mr Binyon
Mrs J Chambers
Mrs K Duffy
Mrs M Gallagher
Mrs C Haque

Mr N Huxtable
 Ms S Major
 Mrs N Marabese
Mrs C Rochester

 Mr S Sheehan

 Mr S Sisman

 Mrs L Vince
Associate Members
Mr A Haque
Mr N Milward
Mrs K Scott
 Mrs J Smith
Mrs S Wilson
 Clerk to Governing Body
Ms L Tamblyn

Copies of the agendas and minutes of meetings from the Board of Governors are held in the School and can be made available to parents upon request. The Chair of Governors can be contacted either directly or through the school.

 Governor News
Academy Status Update – February 2014

You will remember that last academic year the Governors held consultations with parents regarding the possibility of converting the schools to an Academy. At the time we explained that Academy Status was an option open to us and we investigated a number of possibilities. The Governors also consider that conversion to Academy Status would only be undertaken if it was in the best interest of the pupils.

There are a number of factors to take into account and we have been watching the progress of Schools that have opted out of Local Authority control in Portsmouth and in other Authorities. Like all schools the experience of Academies is mixed so in terms of standards there is no clear benefit one way or the other.

One factor that was important a year ago was the number schools in the city that were considering the same course of action and what support we would receive from the Authority if there was only a small number under their control. The Governors have decided that the future is still uncertain in the world of Education and do not consider that the time is right to convert.

The item of Academy Status remains on every agenda of the Full Governing Body and the issue is considered every term. However at present we remain a Portsmouth City Council School for the foreseeable future.



Summer (2) 16/17

Summer (1) 16/17

Spring (2) 16/17

Spring (1) 16/17

Autumn (2) 16/17

Autumn (1) 16/17

Summer (2) 15/16

Summer (1) 15/16

Spring (2) 15/16

Spring (1) 15/16

Autumn (2) 15/16

Autumn (1) 15/16

Further information regarding becoming a Portsmouth Schools Governor, along with available training can be found on the following website:

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