Junior Staff

Staff at Northern Parade Junior School are enthusiastic, friendly and caring.  Click below to find out who we are…

Leadership Team
Mrs_S_Wilson.png Mr_P_Walton.png Mrs_Hilditch.png Miss_Davies.png
Mrs S Wilson

Executive Headteacher
Mr P Walton

Associate Headteacher
Mrs S Hilditch

Deputy Headteacher
Miss L Davies

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs_J_Kilsby.png Miss_Marabese.png Mrs_Horlix.png
Mrs J Kilsby

Assistant Headteacher
Miss N Marabese

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Horlix

T4W/English Advisor
Teaching Staff
Mr_Rook.png Miss_Say.png Miss_Westley.png
Mrs L Fisher
Mr M Rooke
Miss L Say
Miss S Westley
Miss_Heath.png Mr_M_Light.png Mrs_Lewis.png Miss_Shurey.png
Miss A Heath
Mr M Light
Mrs L Lewis
Miss J Shurey
Mrs_Abley.png Mr_Coe.png Mr_Dyke.png
Mrs M Baker
Mrs C Abley
Mr A Coe
Mr R Dyke
Miss_McCracken.png Mrs_J_Ali.png Mr_Roberts.png Mrs J Byrne
Miss S McCracken
Mrs J Ali
Mr M Roberts
Mrs J Byrne
Mrs E Creasey
Support Staff
Mrs_Chambers.png Mrs_Smedley.png Caroline_Stoneman.png  Mrs_Fudge.png
 Mrs J Chambers
Mrs R Smedley
Mrs C Stoneman
Mrs A Fudge
Mrs_Wiseman.png Mrs_M_Brailey.png Mrs_P_Dawes.png Miss_Gill.png
Mrs N Wiseman
Mrs M Brailey
Mrs P Dawes
Miss K Gill
Mrs_Fair.png Mrs_Jones.png Mrs_Waller.png
Mrs R Fair
Mrs A Jones
Mrs J Waller
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