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Weekly Awards 

Reader Of The Week:

Frankie , Liv , Hayden 



In Year 6 children are given a score each day for their presentation and effort across Shared Reading, English and Maths. The expected standard each day is a score of 8. The scores are tallied over the week and the pupil in each class with the highest presentation and effort level score are given this award each week. 

This weeks winners:  
Leni C, Darcy T, Hannah J



Each week Miss Marabese asks the year 6 staff who they would nominate to have a positive phone call. Miss Marabese will then ring the parents of that child and explain all of the reasons why they have been nominated for this praise. 

This weeks pupils:  
Elliot S, Danella B, Casey C.


Each week Miss Marabese identifies a pupil who has been an excellent model to other pupils across the school. This could be based on the way they conduct themselves in their behaviour, extra-curricular activities or effort in classwork. Miss Marabese will also call the parents of this pupil to inform them of the amazing contribution of their child that week. 

This week’s winner:  Lewis S





Each week the Year 6 team look at all of the learning journal tasks from that week and pick a child from each class who has produced an excellent piece of work by putting in high levels of effort. 

This weeks winners:

Holly Marie W, Lily R, Jacob W

1) Learning Journal task:

Create an explanation text of how the solar system works. Include a diagram to go with your writing. 

2) At least 1000 points on Times tables Rockstars. 

3) Daily Spelling Practise.