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e_safety.jpeg The Internet is an amazing place where we can find loads of information, look at pictures, watch videos, play games and all sorts of other fun and interesting things. But we do need to be careful and be aware of what is going on around us when we are on the Internet.

Below you will find links to lots of websites that help explain the dangers of the internet and tell you how to stay safe when you’re online.

All of the sites listed below have activities, resources and information to help children to stay safe online, they also contain valuable information for parents.


Each of the links below will open a new browser window.

Please note that although the sites listed below are safe, there could be links on them that lead away from them and to potentially undesirable sites. Please exercise care, as always.

think_u_know_logo.jpg This is the first place to look for online resources and activities to help children stay safe online. There are separate areas for children in Key Stage 1, for children in Key Stage 2, for Parents and Carers and for Teachers, each of which can be accessed by
clicking links on the home page.



Childrens BBC Safe Surfing Guide

 Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_14.19.24.png BBC Webwise – making the most of being online.  Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_14.22.12.png A site for parents, teachers and children with extensive advice on how to deal with Cyber Bullying


A range of internet safety information for Parents, Children and teachers.  Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_14.36.13.png An  Australian site providing resources and information on ‘smart net surfing for kids and their grownups’.
Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_14.40.47.png A site containing lots of advice and information regarding internet safety. It also has ‘Hector safety button’ for children to use online if they find something upsetting. Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_14.43.17.png An American online safety site – the home of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition.
Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_14.47.18.png A website for older children and teens. It’s provided by PhonePay Plus the phone-paid service regulator. It covers four key areas – mobile, landline, TV and PC.



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