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King's Group Academies

Web Blog 10 – 14.1.21
Well, this is a little late, but happy new year to everyone and
welcome to the ARTS blogs for 2021. Already it’s the second week of
term and what a term it’s turning out to be!! So many things have
happened to change education – we are all still getting our heads
around everything, and I’m very sure you are too. The good news is
that we’re still smiling, still working hard to try and bring you fun
lessons which help to support you at home or at school, and of
course we want the best for your children.
So, how can you support creativity and arts at home? Well, firstly
there are updated lessons on Google classroom every day, with
suggested activities and fun lessons. In music each infant year group
has a weekly curriculum lesson which is an adapted version of what
the children would have in school. In MUSIC EXTRAS you can also
find five minute videos of teachers demonstrating instruments, and
singing a variety of songs. There is also an ARTS and CREATIVITY
section which will have updates with various articles, tasks and links
– always worth a look. Plus of course the internet and BBC have a
vast amount of bits and pieces to get those creative juices flowing!
So, have a look. Enjoy together. Be realistic each day. Celebrate the
small successes. You are all super stars – thank you for working with
us to support the school community.
Stay safe