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Week 9 


The weeks are warming up! 

It finally feels like summer is arriving as the weather warms up. The warmer weather offers great opportunities to take out learning outside, which we always try to do as much as possible. 

On Monday, we had our yearly sensory day, which was a great chance for children to experiences a range of activities. They ranged from taste tests to smell pots and even a chance to ride the sensory bikes. As always, the children embraced the day and got plenty from it! 

In English we finished writing our newspaper articles about Aron Ralston. All of the children worked in pairs to write the article and there was some great teamwork on display - which is great to see this time of year. The week finished off with the children planning their own articles based on one of the greatest survival stories of all time (Ernest Shackleton). I am looking forward to them writing and finishing the articles next week, which will probably be there last published piece of work in Year 5. 

During out Maths lessons, we have been looking at angles and having a go at estimating them. We have learnt about the different angle types:

Acute - an angle less than 90 degrees 

Right angle - an angle which is 90 degrees 

Obtuse angle- an angle over 90 degrees 

Reflex angle- an angle more than 180 degrees

Full rotation -  360 degrees

We ended the week measuring the angles using a protractor, which is a hard skill but we will keep going with it next week!