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Week 9 

The week has been packed full of fun in Bushbucks.  While some of the class were away in Wales, back here in school we took in Bear Grylls Survival Week. 

At the beginning of the week we chose our tribe names and worked as a team to create a chant, flag and give presentations about the qualities of our tribes.  We used our problem solving skills in many activities: crossing the river in teams; navigating the jungle by communicating dangerous areas to our team mates and finding a safe route to walk through; completing a scavenger hunt in competition with the other tribes.  Quizzes and art activities have been throughout the week too.

We had a great day on Thursday when we took part in a treasure hunt at Foxes Forest.  We learnt how to make hammocks from material, string and stones!  They were strong and we had comfortable seats in the trees.  It was lovely to be around a campfire together; we toasted our own bread and enjoyed it with butter and jam.

Great teamwork from everyone!