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King's Group Academies

Week 5

Year 1 has had an amazing week, full of learning and creativity.  

In English, we have focused on character descriptions and retelling the story of Handa's surprise.  Through Art, we have also explored the African landscape and its inhabitants.

Exploring addition has been our focus in Maths.  The children have shown their learning through a variety of different resources, as well as using number sentences to explain their knowledge.  They have also been using number stories to show their understanding.

We have now finished reading 'Whatever Next' in Shared Reading and this week we have retold the story through the use of drama.  Every child had a part to play and every child really put their heart and soul into it, especially when they knew they had props!!!

In Topic we have continued to explore space, and the children have created their own image of what space looks like using recycled material.  They have had a hands on approach to identifying and describing simple everyday materials.