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King's Group Academies

Week 1

This week has been a very different week for year 1 and the children and parents have risen to the challenge and adapted to the changes. 

The children have had the opportunity to learn from a range of learning platforms and Google Classroom has been a great success in all areas of learning. 


In English the children have learnt about syllables using videos and searching their homes for a range of objects. They drew pictures and wrote how many syllables there were in the words. They also wrote the words next to their pictures. 

The children also had a speaking and listening session where they listened to a story and drew a picture of the story using their imagination. They used their creativity value to achieve this.  


In maths the children have been exploring patterns and counting on. They explored their houses and counted objects and located different places where numbers could be found. From the work sent in it was clear that the children enjoyed these activities and there was lots of counting that took place. 


In shared reading the children had the story of 'Lost and found' read to them and they had to create a front cover for the book. The children were creative and liked listening to the story. They also had the opportunity to change the story of 'Lost and found' by changing the characters, events and where they are going. The children used their own ideas to come up with a new version of the story. 


Other learning opportunities included science, history and Personal and social learning activities. The children worked so hard this week and submitted some fantastic work. They even had some challenges set through social media and a parenting network which has been extremely helpful and the children have enjoyed the extra activities. 


Next week we will be spending Monday exploring the 5th November and the events that happened. We will also be paying our respects and making things for remembrance day. 

A gentle reminder that book bags can come in now and we will allocate books for your children to read at home. They will also receive a reading record. If you have any school books or previous reading records at home, please return them this week. 


This week has shown how truly resilient and hard working you are. You always strive to do your best and the parents have been fantastic at supporting their children and the teachers in this challenging time. Thank you. 

A massive well done to all of the children that have accessed the online learning and completed the work this week. We are all very proud of you. 


The Year 1 team.