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Week 3

Wow, what another busy week we have had in Year Two! The children have settled in so well and are now back into the routine of the school day and working hard to show the school dragon values. 

In English, we have been looking at non-fiction texts. The children explored a range of non-fiction books, searching for features and thinking about their purpose. We then thought about the sub-headings we could include in our non-fiction text about a squirrel. The children then picked the sub-headings they would like to use and are looking forward to writing their own non-fiction text next week. 

In Maths, we have been looking at the months and seasons of the year. We have looked at how these are cyclical patterns which means that they never end! The children have enjoyed chanting the months of the year and putting them in order in their books. The children have also thought about the seasons and when they happen throughout the month. 

In Shared Reading, we have continued to look at our class story 'The Bear and the Piano' and the children were introduced to Rex the Retriever. Rex helps us to answer questions about a text and the children enjoyed thinking about the events in the book and answering questions about it. The children also looked at some non-fiction texts and learnt about facts and opinions. We discussed what these meant and then the children sorted statements into facts or opinion. 

In Topic, we have been continuing to work on our topic My Island. This week, the children have enjoyed recording their own routes on a map of the local area and used a compass to describe the route they had taken. The children have also looked at Pablo Picasso and the colours he used to portray emotion in his portrays. The children then drew their own portrait and used colour to show the emotion of the person in their portrait. The children showed great creativity whilst doing this and all their portraits look amazing!  

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support and would just like to remind parents to make sure the children are bringing in a coat even if the weather is nice in the morning due to us having to stand outside at the end of the day and the weather being unpredictable. Thank you and have a lovely weekend!