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King's Group Academies

Welcome back to school after a lovely Easter break with some beautiful weather. We hope you managed to enjoy your two weeks away from school.


In school this week, we learnt what our new topic would be. It is called Deliciously Dahl. On Wednesday we were set a challenge as we were given a recipe from Miss Honey that Matilda had spilt tea on. Unfortunately, we were unable to make out some of the measurements we needed to make Miss Honey's bread to go with her tea. So we had to guess how much flour, milk, salt and baking powder we needed to use to make the bread. We also had to think about what equipment would be best to use to measure these ingredients. After we had made our dough we then had to think about the temperature and the time it needed to cook for. This is something that we are going to have to work on this term as our bread didn't turn out the way we wanted it to!


In English this week, we started looking at traditional tales. We thought about  what we already know about traditional tales and then read a book called 'Into The Forest' by Anthony Browne. This was an amazing book as it had lots of references to different traditional tales and we had to think about all the different traditional tales we could see. We also looked at noun phrases and how we can expand those noun phrases by adding adjectives and more detail.


In maths, we have been learning all about using our fingers to represent the number 5. We took this learning a little further to help us with a strategy of '5 and a bit'. This is where we can show numbers like 6, 7 or 8 without counting by showing 5 on one hand and a bit on the other. We continued to recap our use of 'Part-Whole models' as well as our 'Bar Model' to represent numbers in a number problem. To solve the different activities around the class this week, we were encouraged to work on our use of this new strategy of '5 and a bit' to help us work out the answers.


In Shared Reading, we started looking at our new text this term called 'Revolting Rhymes' by Roald Dahl. We looked at a little bit about Roald Dahl before reading some of the rhymes from the book. We compared the traditional tale to that of the twisted tale told by Roald Dahl to see what was different between the two texts and also what was similar. We also had some other activities around the classroom for us to complete. 


On Thursday, we had our reading assembly to celebrate all the fantastic reading that has been happening in Year 2 this week as well as announcing this week's percentages and the winner of our reading trophy;


Turtles - 36%

Dolphins - 34%

Jellyfish - 50%

Whales - 38%

Well done Jellyfish Class for winning the trophy this week!


As you can see the reading percentages have again been quite low this week. So, we are lucky enough this week to have been given some lovely new outdoor toys. Children that have contributed to the percentages of their class will be given some extra time on Friday to play with these lovely new toys. In order for this to happen we need children reading 5 or more times for 5 minutes by next Thursday and for it to be recorded by an adult in their reading record books. We look forward to seeing who wins the trophy next week and who gets some extra time playing with the lovely new outdoor toys that we have in Year 2!