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King's Group Academies

Week 4

Well done to Walrus Class! All the children have worked hard this week to find out about artifacts from the Stone Age and Iron Age!  Working in small groups, they have created posters with their ideas and will be presenting these to the rest of the class next week.

Over the last week, we have also been extremely busy in Maths.  The children have been working on a geometry unit and have really enjoyed creating 3D shapes using art straws.  They have learnt about faces, vertices and edges and used this information to help them identify the different properties of a range of shapes.

English has focussed on the children writing their final edit of their setting descriptions.  They have used a variety of tools to ensure their work is descriptive and flows well.  Throughout this unit, we have continuously referred back to the audience and purpose of our writing to ensure that it is interesting for the reader.

Well done Walrus Class - a busy, yet exciting week!