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King's Group Academies

Week 6

It has been lovely to welcome Osprey Class back to school this week. They have done an amazing job
keeping up with their learning remotely from home – a massive thankyou to Mr Churchill and Mr
Miller for working so hard to make that happen.

We have continued to look at the book ‘Street Child’ and the children are really keen to see how the
plot ends. In Shared Reading we have been answering questions on retrieval of facts and inference.
We have also been delving into vocabulary and looking at new words such as ‘emancipation’
‘incarceration’ and ‘furtive’.

In English, children have explored a selection of complaint letters: from complaints about washing
machines to the service received at a restaurant. We have then applied this to the immersion of a
letter of complaint written to a cruel Victorian landlord from our book, Mr Spinks.
In Maths, we have explored the bar model using practical equipment (Cuisenaire) and drawn
representations in order to look at relationships and difference in number – the beginnings of

Some of the children from Service Families have formed a Military Band with Mr Mogridge. They are
thoroughly enjoying their sessions on the steel drums, and we look forward to hearing their
Christmas tunes very soon.

Congratulations to Head Girl – Mia, Head Boy – Daniel, Deputy Head Girl – Hannah and Deputy Head
Boy – Matthew. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Stay Safe.