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The Arts Team

The Arts Team are a group of children from year 1 and 2 who have been working together from September 2019 to help organise arts events, feed back ideas from other children and generally help to push the arts forward in our school this year. There are two appointed children from each class who come and have regular meetings with Mrs Golledge to share their ideas and complete arts related jobs. Other jobs have included judging the colouring competition at Christmas, helping to set up and run an arts club which meets every two weeks, giving their ideas to promote art around the school, and they were also going to organise and present an Easter concert which has presently had to be postponed. 
You can see from some of the pictures how busy these children are! There are also some amazing pictures of some makes from the arts club. The arts team children invite their classmates to join them on art club days - this is proving to be very popular! We very much hope that all of these activities will go from strength to strength in the future. 

No photos have been added to this album yet.