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King's Group Academies

Meet the staff who will be helping and supporting your children.

Miss J Bell 

Hello, I'm Miss Bell and I am a BSL Level 3 Communicator. My job is to provide the resources expertise and support to enable our students to realise their full potential educationally, socially and personally. I ensure that learning strategies are in place so lessons are fully accessible.

I help our students develop their self-esteem and help them to have ownership over their learning and with their help them to be valued members of the school community.

In my job, I also hold the relationship with our external Speech and Language therapists, handle the maintenance of our hearing aids and other sensory equipment and organise the hearing and visual resources for our pupils.


Miss M Buxton 

Hello! My name is Miss Buxton. I work in the sensory resource, supporting the visually and hearing impaired pupils who attend our school.  This will be my 4th year working at Northern Parade. I learn new skills each day about how best to support the needs of our children, which enables them to access the curriculum.

My job includes supporting and working with the visually and hearing impaired children on a 1:1 role, as well as modifying all their work to meet their individual needs and preparing resources. I am currently studying British sign Language and working towards a qualification. I enjoy my job and feel lucky to be part of the team and to be given the chance to work with such lovely children. this job is very rewarding. 

Miss J Hussey 


                                                                                 Hi, my name is Miss Hussey and I work in the sensory resource. I work one to one with our visually impaired and hearing impaired children, helping them to access their lessons. I also spend time modifying school work for our visually impaired children so that they are able to access the same lessons as their peers.

I am currently studying Braille and working towards a qualification in this, so that I am able to help a wider range of students. This is my third year working in this role and I feel very lucky to be a part of such an amazing team, working with such wonderful students.

Mrs M Miles 

Hello! My Name is Mrs Miles. I work within the resource, supporting the Visually Impaired pupils we have in the school.

This will be my third year in this role and as every week goes by I learn more and more about the needs of the children and how best to support them in their learning.

My job includes supporting the children in class with their learning as well as preparing the resources they need in which to access the curriculum. For example, some of our Visually impaired pupils need to have texts enlarged and so myself and other members of the team spend a lot of time preparing these resources for each child.

I feel very lucky to have such an amazing job and work with such wonderful pupils.