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The Mad Scientist

Science is non-core curriculum at key stage 1 - 2, however at Northern Parade School, we teach a broad science curriculum across all years each week.

We cover key concepts through a range of enriching, fun activities designed to encourage curiosity and nurture the skills needed in which to explore and broaden scientific understanding.

We believe that teaching science discreetly at this stage offers children a good foundation for future learning, and allows children who often struggle in other areas to be successful learners. A main aspect of science is simply understanding the world around you - a concept not specifically reliant on academic achievement.

Although the specific vocabulary in science is important at later stages, the most important thing for children to learn is that not everyone knows everything about science, it is fine to say 'I don't know yet!' It is about making observations, asking questions and knowing how to go about finding answers and carrying out investigations.

On occasion, many of the practical lessons result in children taking something home. This allows the opportunity for pupils to explain to parents/carers what they have been doing and enable parents to engage in their child’s learning.