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Find out what your child has been doing in Music and the Arts.

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  • 13th May 2021

    Published 17/05/21, by Sarah Rose
    Web Blog 13.5.21 Hello and welcome to our next arts blog. This week there have been some great projects completed and on show in the school. The infant school hall for example is full of castles made by the year 1 children as part of their topic w
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  • Blog 30th April

    Published 30/04/21, by Sarah Rose

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  • Blog - 24th March 2021

    Published 29/03/21, by Sarah Rose
    This week in school has seen the re-establishment of the year 2 ARTS TEAM…a group of 8 children who help with planning art activities, and communicating their ideas to the other children. Some of their present ideas include making puppets and
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  • Blog- 11th March

    Published 11/03/21, by Sarah Rose
    Well, if lock down made us proud of your children, coming back to school has made us even more proud! The children have re-launched themselves into activities with enthusiasm and determination. They are already working together again as teams, and
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  • Blog 25th February 2021

    Published 26/02/21, by Sarah Rose
    On the back of Boris’ statement this week, we are all now busy preparing for your children coming back into the school setting. There is excitement, gratefulness, and a very real desire to get back to something approaching normality. We have
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  • Blog - 11th February

    Published 11/02/21, by Sarah Rose
    Ok – snow. To a small child, very exciting…to an adult, wet, cold, slippy, and….well, just cold really! The incredible thing about snow is that every snowflake is different but based on a six sided shape! How amazing is that? So
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  • Blog 3rd February

    Published 04/02/21, by Sarah Rose
    So, this week has been yet another focused week in school, and I hope that home schooling has been fun and realistic! It’s a bit soggy going outside for any real length of time, but rain and welly boots are always a good combination plus fre
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  • Blog 10

    Published 15/01/21, by Sarah Rose
    Web Blog 10 – 14.1.21 Well, this is a little late, but happy new year to everyone and welcome to the ARTS blogs for 2021. Already it’s the second week of term and what a term it’s turning out to be!! So many things have happened
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  • Blog 8

    Published 08/12/20, by Sarah Rose

    Blog 8

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  • Blog 7

    Published 01/12/20, by Sarah Rose

    Blog 7 

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  • Blog 5

    Published 17/11/20, by Sarah Rose
    As this is being written, remembrance day is very much in our thoughts. The children have been busy making poppy wreaths in school and talking through what “poppy” day means at this level of understanding. Many of the children have sai
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  • Blog 4

    Published 17/11/20, by Sarah Rose
    So, the end of the half term approaches! The children have achieved some lovely work and been challenged to complete new tasks which have been aimed to extend their learning in every way. The children’s work and attitudes are continually rel
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