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Blog 7 

So, how many parents are rediscovering their youth and trying
recorder playing again??!! Time to admit it…you’re all undiscovered
musicians at heart, right? I hope that you, your children, and
maybe others in your house are having a good go at relearning some
skills. Who knows? Maybe we could be the first school to have a
recorder orchestra which includes adults and children!
If you’re stuck for things to do at home, there are lots of activities on
Google classroom for the children to be trying, and creativity as
always is high on the list of priorities. Alternatively, if you can, get
outside and try a challenge like building a shelter made of branches,
or climbing a tree to see how high the children can get…health
warning – always take plasters with you!!. Collect leaves of different
colours and make a collage, or try printing with the shapes of the
leaves. It’s not too early either to begin making Christmas
decorations – there are loads of different things to do with the inside
of a toilet roll…..have a look for ideas on PINTEREST. Release that
inner child and spend an afternoon or two experimenting with paint,
felt tips, glue and card……don’t forget to include the children though!
Speaking of creative activities, when was the last time you and your
children did cooking/baking at home? This is a fab way to teach
maths skills such as measuring and number recognition, and the
results are edible! What better way to learn!? (Think chocolate,
chocolate, and ooooh, did I mention chocolate?) Make it fun and the
children will remember and want to do more. As parents/carers you
are doing such an amazing job….if you have a good idea, try it. What
could go wrong?!!!!!!!
Have a great week and stay safe