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King's Group Academies

So, this week has been yet another focused week in school, and I hope that
home schooling has been fun and realistic! It’s a bit soggy going outside for any
real length of time, but rain and welly boots are always a good combination
plus fresh air makes a bit difference to the day even if it’s for just a short time.
One of the good things that has happened, is that the lovely Dr Collins is back
to work with the children doing forest school activities, so come rain or shine,
creativity is happening again in the outside areas. Anything can happen in
these sessions from reading stories to tug-of-war, from digging in the mud to
building recycling projects. The children love these lessons and always find
something interesting to chat about when they return to their classrooms.
Another thing to look out for if your child is in year 2 – on the art platform
there is an art activity called “GUESS THE TEACHER”! This consists of
photographs of all the staff in year 2 but they are heavily disguised! The
children have to recognise and name the people in the pictures – just for fun!
Maybe your child might then be interested in taking a selfie …again heavily
disguised….and send it into school. It would be great to have a “rogues gallery”
of the children.
There are some other art activities on this section of the platform – have a look
and see what’s going on. The wall art in Portsmouth is definitely worth a look.
Lastly, this week is “Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week”. Each day a
new song has been added to the MUSIC EXTRAS platforms. The songs have
been provided by the Portsmouth Music Hub and are all around the theme of
looking after our mental health, both as adults and for our children. Do have a
listen and enjoy.
All of these things are helping us to promote our creativity but also to support
our own wellbeing. We all need a bit of escapism at the moment – so do look
and see if there is something there which appeals to you….and then try
something new.
As always you are all super stars – thank you for working with us to support the
school community.
Stay safe