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King's Group Academies

Ok – snow. To a small child, very exciting…to an adult, wet, cold, slippy,
and….well, just cold really! The incredible thing about snow is that every
snowflake is different but based on a six sided shape! How amazing is that? So
no excuses for not being creative there then. When the children have
experienced what snow looks like, feels like, tastes like, and they have built
even the tiniest snowman, going back indoors to get warm, drink hot
chocolate, and then draw a new design for a snowflake seems like a pretty
good learning experience to me. Plus maths comes into this one – investigating
shapes etc etc. Last week this blog talked about learning experiences being so
much more than just being in the classroom with pencils in little hands – and
the snowflake idea is a great example of a different way of teaching and
learning. Sometimes it’s just about grabbing those opportunities when they
come – so well done if you did. 

Thinking about learning and particularly creativity, the children in school have
been investigating all kinds of new things this week. The teachers are trying
very hard to produce learning for both in and out of school that will indeed be
creative and excite you and your children to try new activities. We are so
proud of you as parents, for juggling so much and for keeping going with the
home learning. It was never going to be easy, but you are all doing such an
amazing job.

This week there is another art activity but this time for year 1. Again, this is a
“Guess the teacher” activity. The year 1 staff wanted to join in with the fun and
create their own disguised selfies. Do have a look and see if you and your
children can work out who is who. The year 2 set is still there too, so if you
haven’t looked at this yet, have a go! Your child is welcome to take their own
selfie …again heavily disguised….and send it into school. It would be great to
have a “rogues gallery” of the children. 

Stay positive – be kind to yourselves – and thank you for working with us to
support the school community.