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On the back of Boris’ statement this week, we are all now busy preparing for
your children coming back into the school setting. There is excitement,
gratefulness, and a very real desire to get back to something approaching
normality. We have missed your lovely children just as much as your children
have missed coming into school, and we are very keen to welcome them all
back to routine, learning and fun. We’re grateful that they are safe, grateful
that they have had family support, and grateful for you as parents staying
positive and doing your very best to help your children.

There are still lots of activities to keep you busy for the next two weeks – make
sure you look at the creative activities as well as the academic learning. Play
games, answer all those endless questions, and find out with your child
anything that you don’t know……learning is a lifelong journey – there’s always
more to learn.

Go outside within the regulations, and explore. Splash in
puddles, get muddy – why wouldn’t you? More than anything else, have fun!
Enjoy your week. Stay positive – be kind to yourselves – and thank you for
working with us to support the school community.