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King's Group Academies

Well, if lock down made us proud of your children, coming back to school has
made us even more proud! The children have re-launched themselves into
activities with enthusiasm and determination. They are already working
together again as teams, and showing some very mature attitudes such as
kindness and being thoughtful towards their classmates and their teachers.
The smiles say it all really, and it is a real delight to see and hear so many
positive comments and contented children.

The teachers are being very creative presently, introducing the children to
many new activities and concentrating on re- building confidence and
relationships. Having an “out-of-the-box” attitude, encouraging the children to
“have-a-go” at new things, and practicing all the skills necessary for literacy,
numeracy, and all-round development, are top of the agenda presently. Of
course, a large proportion of these skills come from playing and socializing
together – so games and using the playground equipment together are also
being encouraged. The children are thriving and happy. Success all round.

We are also very pleased to announce that our school has just been awarded
the ARTSMARK SILVER award for creativity across the infant phase. The staff
have worked hard to achieve this and also to maintain the arts in every area of
the curriculum, even through the lockdown period. It shows our commitment
to the arts across the school, and highlights our philosophy that our children
need a curriculum that considers the development of the whole child.

There are all kinds of great things to come, and the staff are already thinking
about how creativity can develop further over the next term. We’ll keep you

Take care and stay safe.