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King's Group Academies

This week in school has seen the re-establishment of the year 2 ARTS TEAM…a group of 8 children who help with planning art activities, and communicating their ideas to the other children. Some of their present ideas include making puppets and a theatre…..we’ll have to work on that one! However, for this week the ARTS TEAM have helped put together an Easter egg decorating competition for all the children in the school. If the children would like to join in, they will be given a patterned Easter egg picture which they will be able to decorate in school. The ARTS TEAM will judge the pictures on Thursday next week, and then there will be a prize for the best entry in each class. I think the ARTS TEAM are likely to need all afternoon to choose the winners!!

On another tack – are there any creative parents or grandparents out there who are talented in the arts? This could be painting, drawing, photography, dance, drama, music, digital work, sewing…….the list is endless. We would like to be able to draw on our wider school community to support our art work if possible, so if you have time to spare, or a talent or practical experience which might be useful, do please let us know. You could e-mail the office as a start and leave your details. Don’t be shy! Get those creative juices flowing again. There are all kinds of projects coming up, and you might be just the person we need to support the children’s learning and skills. This of course would be subject to all the usual school checks.

Thank you for working with us and thank you in advance for your “arty” support.

Take care and stay safe.