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Week 9 

This week in Caterpillar class, the children have been exploring the different parts of a plant. They went outside and explored the plants in school before creating their own diagram and labelling the structure. They have also evaluated their space animal and have been thinking about what went well and what they could have improved when designing and making their space animals. 


In English, the children have finished their stories and should be really proud of their writing. They used all the skills we have learnt over year 1 to create some wonderful stories! We have also been looking at suffixes such as ed, er, and est. The children have found out how they change a word. The children have also recapped different punctuation (.?!) and edited sentences to make sure they had the correct punctuation. 


In maths, the children have continued to look at adding three numbers, using number facts the already know. They have also looked at number bonds to 11 and 12 - if you ask them I’m sure they would love to tell you them!