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Week 2

We have been exploring more of India and their interests and their culture. As well as exploring sport, we have been looking at art. We have decided to look at sketching and watercolour. We picked an elephant and the Taj Mahal as our focus for the work. We have discovered different techniques with watercolours these include: dry on dry, dry on wet, wet on dry, wet on wet, and flat wash.  In our math lessons, we have been looking at symmetry and coordinates. This has been very helpful as we have linked this into our work on shape.  Finally, in English, we have been looking at our story of famous five. Although we did giggle at some of the names, we quickly moved on to just looking at the text and drawing pictures to help us remember the structure. We have also practised some drama to help go alongside the pictures to ensure that we remember the structure so that we can remember to include it in our own work.