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Week 7

This week in shared reading, Lemur class have been learning all about Ernest Shackleton and his amazing trip to Antarctica. They have been reading up on information all about his adventures, and using the inference skills to help them form opinions on his personality and character. They will be using this information in their class assembly this week,  and it is linked in to our current topic extreme explorers! In English we have been looking at newspaper articles. We have been practising the skills of using direct and reported speech within our articles, so that we can have eyewitness reports. We have been working hard on making sure that our punctuation is correct when using direct speech – this is a very tricky skill!  In maths this week we have just started to look at area and perimeter. We have already looked at this a little bit this year when we were learning how to use the formal methods of multiplication and addition, however we are really getting in to it this week and have even started to look at finding the area and perimeter of composite shapes. The children have really impressed me this week so far with their resilience and how they are challenging themselves - even when they are finding things very tricky!  In topic, we have been continuing learning about different types of extreme explorers; this week we have been focusing on Ernest Shackleton. Our best piece of work this week has to be our responses to Ernest Shackleton‘s advertisement in the newspaper for crewmembers to join his Antarctic trip. The children were very creative in their answers as to whether or not they would join him on his perilous journey!