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Week 8 

Still waiting for summer!

Orangutan class are still waiting for it to feel like summer in the grim weather. However, even though the weather has been bad we have still been making the most of our learning. In English, we have been writing a newspaper article about Aaron Ralston, and his unbelievable story. Did you know that Aron fell into a slot canyon and was stuck there for 127hour. After five and a half days of being trapped under a boulder, Aron realised the only was to escape was to chop his arm off. The class have done a great job of turning this story into a news article. Next week they will be working independently on their own article. 

In Maths, Orangutan class have been working hard on finding the perimeter and area of composite shapes. Some of the shapes have involved a lot of working out, but Orangutan class rose to the challenge and have been superb. Next week we will be moving onto volume.

The stand out moment of the week was our trip to Rock Up in Whitley. The whole class loved the trip and enjoyed pretending to be famous explorers conquering mountains. The class showed brilliant teamwork and they were all so supportive of each other - which was lovely to see. It was great to give them a chance to experience life as an explorer.