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What a busy first full week we have had in Year Two!

Firstly, we want to start off by thanking both pupils and parents. The start of this year has been far from normal yet the children have adapted brilliantly to the new changes and are settling in well into the new routines of Year Two. They should all be very proud of themself.

In English, we have been recapping some of the core skills that were taught in Year One including handwriting and phonics. It is lovely to see that even after a long period of time out of the classroom, the children have remembered lots. We have started exploring our first class text 'Pumpkin Soup'. Throughout the week, we did different activities such as making predictions, role playing parts of the story and taking turns to pretend to be the characters whilst the class asked questions. 

This week in Maths it was 'Inspirational Maths Week'. During the week we completed different activities that focused more on qualities we need to remember during Maths. Some of the messages we looked at included; it is okay to struggle, speed is not important and it is okay to make a mistake. 

In Shared Reading, we started looking at our first text 'The Bear and the Piano'. We introduced the children to 'reading with prosody' which is basically reading with expression. The children did a great job and some children have already started using it in their individual reading. We also answered some true and false statements. 

On Tuesday, something very exciting happened. We had some bags delivered to the shared area with mystery objects inside. There was a note asking us to explore where we thought the objects were from. The children enjoyed using Google Earth to explore the different locations where the objects came from. It was a great way to kick start our new topic 'My Island'.

Well done to everyone for all their hard work this week!