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Spring 2 Week 2

We would like to say a big well done to all of Year Two who have worked incredibly hard this week and have continued to amaze us with their resilience and independence like our dragon values, Isaac and Ruby. 

In English this week, we planned our set of instructions for the people in the city from our text ‘The Flower’ by John Light, who wants to know how to grow a flower. We had to look back at our working wall from the previous week to help us with our planning process. We recapped our understanding of adverbs and time connectives and also looked at how this can support the reader. 

In Maths, we have been learning all about odd and even numbers. We have practised counting forwards and backwards from an odd and even number sequence and identified the patterns on a number line. We now know that when you add or subtract 2 from an even number, you get another even number and when you add and subtract 2 from an odd number, you get another odd number. We created our own odd and even number sequences using our tens frames to show this pattern. 

In Shared Reading, the children have continued their learning activities based around the text ‘Welcome to the Neighborwood’ by Shawn Sheehy. Two activities involved the children creating their own pop-up book whilst the others involved finding the definitions to language within the book and sequencing descriptions to the correct animal. The children have also been working on their comprehension skills by answering questions based on the text, learning how to look through the book to find the answers and writing their answers in full sentences. 

This week has been our RE focus week, we looked at the Easter story and thought about what happens in the story. We also discussed what ‘resurrection and ‘new life’ means in the context of the Christian story of Easter.  We related this to our own celebrations of endings and new beginnings. Then, we planned a ceremony to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of our time in a new class or year group. 

On Thursday, we had our reading assembly celebration where we announced this week’s reading percentages;

Whales – 42%

Jellyfish – 39%

Dolphins – 24%

Turtles – 48%

Well done Turtles for winning the trophy! 

As you may have noticed, our reading percentages have dropped this week, so let’s get that back up again for next week! In order for this to happen, we need everyone to read 5 or more times for 5 minutes by next Thursday and record this in their reading records. We look forward to seeing who wins the trophy for the last week of the term!