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It has been another busy week in Year 2!


In English, the children have planned their own twisted tale which they are going to write next week. We looked at the purpose and audience for our twisted tales and then looked deeper into how we could achieve the purpose. The children then picked a traditional tale which they then twisted into their own version by changing either the characters, setting, problem or solution. There has been some fantastic ideas from all the children and we can't wait to read their stories next week when they have finished writing them. I am sure your child would love to tell you about their idea! 


In Maths, we have been challenging ourselves to solve equations using bridging. To do this, we had to partition one of our addends to find a number bond to ten. We then added the remaining amount to find the total. The children did find this challenging but we have been amazed by their resilience! It would be great if you could practice number bonds to 10 at home as this would really help them become more confident with bridging! Here are some links you could watch at home: 


Please also don't forget that Numbots is up and running and we have our year group competition to see who can earn the most coins. 


In Shared Reading, we have been continuing to look at Roald Dahl and this week we read George's Marvellous Medicine. The children then sequenced pictures to help them retell the story. They have also been looking at widening their vocabulary by finding synonyms using dictionaries as well taking part in a hot seating activity asking George and Grandma questions about the day. The children have also enjoyed making their own marvellous medicines by conducting science experiments. 


In Topic, we have been looking at measurements. This week, the children explored measuring length and height using a ruler. The children learnt about measuring to the nearest centimetre and comparing lengths using the comparison symbols. We have also been looking at our caterpillars that have been growing and changing in our classrooms. It was a very exciting week this week as all the classes got to watch some of their caterpillars change and emerge into butterflies! We are looking forward to the rest of them coming out and then releasing them before half term.