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King's Group Academies

Week 3

As always, another busy, enriching week in Year 3! In Shared reading we focused on identifying the features of non – fiction and fiction texts. We then moved onto exercising our retrieval skills from our Tiger non- chronological report. This linked in with our English this week, where the aim of this week was for children to plan and write their own mini non – chronological report. Children were exposed to multiple different texts to get their ideas from these were non-chronological reports on lions, panthers, tigers, jaguars.

In Maths this week we have looked at partitioning big sums using our resources and visual representations. We also moved onto using a 100 square to help us calculate addition calculations.

In Topic we continued our work on our current topic of Ages ago. The focus this week was on life in the stone age, children then had an activity whereby they had to arrange the most important things for living in order of importance. Once they had done this, they had to justify their choices to the rest of the class.