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King's Group Academies

Week 4

In Shared Reading the children have been using their detective skills to improve their level of inference. We have been practicing "reading between the lines" to find answers that may not clearly be in front of us.


In English, each class has changed part of the Mr Benn diary, in order to create a new adventure! Ask your could what their class diary was about and if they have an ideas what Mrs Benn's costume could be for their independent write next week.


Maths has been fun, working on different combinations to total a number. We have made Numicon sandwiches, made rods and coloured in boxes to show our combinations. 


In other lessons there has been lots of work on iPads, some autumnal art and play dough Stone Henges being made! Plus we have been introduced to Smartie our new Safety Dragon who is helping us to play safely in the playground, and reminded us about stranger danger.


Have a good weekend!