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King's Group Academies

Week 4

We have had a tough old week in Year 6! Our pupils have been channelling their inner Ruby Resilient and ploughing through a barrage of assessments in Reading and SPaG. They will have earned a well-deserved rest this weekend and sleep soundly knowing that those cruel teachers who orchestrated these fiendish tests will be spending their weekend using the results to plan the lesson for the rest of the year.

In lighter news – in topic, we are looking at the Victorian class system and how the very poor of society lived.  In IT, we are trying our hand at computer coding and in PE we are trying to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before it gets too cold.

In Maths, we are looking at how we can efficiently add and subtract decimals.  From number lines to the column method, we are building up our skills so we are armed with an array of strategies. Once again, they have really impressed the teachers with their resilience and independence during their Maths this week! We have also got our TTRockstars Wall of Fame up and running, and already we have some of the avatars of the pupils who have achieved their 12x12 tables!

Well done guys!

Keep it up Year 6!