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King's Group Academies

Week 6 

We have had a wonderful week in year 6! 

This week has included learning all about the British Empire and how the empire expanded and declined throughout the Victorian era. We considered how it may have felt to be an indigenous person who was at risk from losing their home during the expansion, but also explored the positive outcomes from this time in British history.

We have had a practical week in maths, deepening our understanding of measures by estimating a metre, exploding conversions and measuring the dimensions of a piece of wood. We have looked at some of the world record holders in athletics - did you know the world record in long jump was achieved by Mike Powell in 1991, jumping an incredible 8.95m!

In English, we have continued with our writing skills, and used an audio description of a Sky TV advert to help us with our description, using noun phrases and other tools to create our own setting description.

In Shared Reading we have been developing our inference skills and reading snippets of texts to help us to find evidence to support our answers.